Viego's leak, Ruined King and next League of Legends champion

Viego's leak, Ruined King and next League of Legends champion

 The journey through the competitive desert of the League of Legends until the return of the spring split leaves traces of lore in the latest leaks about the champion 154 for the possible appearance of the Ruined King, a nod to the new RPG with which it could be the official name Character: Viego .

The depth of League of Legends has in Ruined King its new toy, an RPG marked with exploration strokes with official trailer and gameplay features, the new pearl of the studio to give a blow to the next 2021 after the success of Wild Rift with a Ace marked up his sleeve, a new champion to cross both titles.

According to the latest rumors about the next big update of the game in which a long list of skins and news are collected, the appearance of Viego in the game code stands out as the supposed name of the famous Ruined King, the main villain on the journey to Aguas Stagnant.

The Ruined King's Name Might be Viego! from r/RuinedKing

The theory about the appearance of a character centered on the Ruined King has been on the table for several weeks after the link of the new RPG with the LoL , but it is now moving to the next level with the appearance for the first time of the possible name of the champion.

The only thread about the character is that he may have the ability to control rival minds, which in the game can be transferred as a number of altered states, although within the character's lore it seems that everything will point to a joint launch in the two games.

For now Ruined King still does not have an exact launch or beta date but we do know that it will see the light in 2021, although if you want to fit it just with the appearance in the MOBA it may all arrive from January 21 with patch 11.2, for now the day with more options as seen. 

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