What is Xbox Series X Quick Resume and how to use it

The new generation of consoles is more powerful and has promised to reduce loading times to a minimum. Has he succeeded? Many users already enjoy everything that Xbox Series X can offer, whose settings you can configure from a mobile application . Microsoft is always thinking of the user to change the way of playing and that is how Xbox Game Pass was born, a huge library of games for subscribers of the service. But one of the most surprising new features of Xbox Series X has been the Quick Resume feature and here is what it is for and how you can use it.

Sure that many times you were with a really challenging game and the level boss has unhinged you. At that moment you only have two alternatives: throw the controller out the window (we don't recommend it) or switch to a more friendly game . Players make the second decision very often to clear their minds after so much combat stress. It doesn't matter if it's Dark Souls or Cuphead. There are games that can drain our energy and concentration, so changing the game seems a good option to return to it later with greater clarity. This process may take a while, depending on the loading times of the game in question. But with Quick Resume you can jump from game to game instantly.

How to use Quick Resume

Quick Resume is a feature driven by the technical capabilities of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S and their innovative Xbox Velocity architecture, with which they are committed to reducing waiting times. This new feature allows you to leave games suspended in the background and switch at any time from one to another without loading screens . In principle, up to 12 games could be stored in suspension , but it also depends on the memory used by video games. Next-gen games use more internal memory than Xbox 360 games, for example.

How to use Quick Resume

The games are not saved to the internal storage of the console, but in the quick resume. So using this feature will not limit the performance of the console. Even so, it is possible to find games that do not have Quick Resume support, but there is no official list as most Xbox games are compatible . Using it is very easy because you only have to enter [My games and applications] from the game you are in and change to another title that you have installed. You can do it with the following steps:

  • Enter a game that you want to play.
  • Press the Xbox button on your controller.
  • Select [My games and apps] from the drop-down menu or choose a game you have recently played from the available list.
  • Open a different game.

You can repeat the process until you have the games in suspension you want. The transition between games only lasts between 5 and 10 seconds . All games that are suspended have a "Quick Resume" label at the top right during the loading time, but the game resumes quickly. Finally, we must emphasize that loading times are reduced to a minimum in games that are already suspended. If you open a new game from scratch, it will take a little longer to start or continue a game.

This feature is designed specifically for games, so it does not affect applications . Quick Resume is perfect for Xbox Game Pass subscribers because they can jump from one game to another in the catalog without waiting too long. 

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