When will Among Us come out on PS4, PS5 and Xbox consoles?

When will Among Us come out on PS4, PS5 and Xbox consoles?

 Here we clarify the release date of Among Us on PS4 and PS5 and Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. Find out when you can enjoy the popular indie InnerSloth on your consoles.

The tremendous success that has garnered Among Us throughout 2020 has made the small indie game of InnerSloth has expanded its ambitions growing and now many players are wondering if someday we will see a release on consoles PS4 or Xbox (eg in Nintendo Switch is out now ). To clarify this question, you just have to continue reading the information that we bring you below.

When will Among Us come out on Xbox consoles?

We start first by clarifying the question regarding Microsoft consoles. And it is that it has been officially confirmed that Among Us will have a launch soon on Xbox consoles; both Xbox One and the new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

  • The estimated release date of Among Us on Xbox consoles is yet to be determined.
  • It is only known that we can enjoy the title at some point in the year 2021.

It will be time to wait for more details. Of course, the good news is that Among Us will also be available from day one for all players who have an active subscription to the Xbox Game Pass service (that is, it can be downloaded for free and you will not have to pay the 4.99 euros of its cost). In fact, this is already the case on PC , so it is logical that the same thing will happen on Xbox consoles.

When is Among Us coming out on PS4 and PS5 consoles?

Now let's talk about the possible launch of Among Us on PlayStation 4 consoles and the new PlayStation 5. The truth is that here we cannot bring you news as positive as Xbox because in this case it is still unknown if Among Us will have a version for PS4 or PS5.

  • At the time of writing, both Sony and InnerSloth have not released any information about a release of Among Us on PS4 and PS5 consoles.
  • Although, we can hope to one day see a version for Sony consoles, since it would be very rare for the game to reach Xbox and not PlayStation.

So, as far as possible, you have to be positive. We trust that official news will soon arrive confirming a premiere of Among Us on PS4 and even on PS5. We almost put our hand in the fire that this will happen during the year 2021 . Sooner rather than later is something that has to happen.

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