Where and How Do I Find the Projectile Launch System Cyberware in Cyberpunk 2077?

 Another rare cyberware is the Projectile Launch System, which allows you to fire powerful explosive projectiles, inflict various types of damage, and even apply negative effects. Projectiles fired from such weapons explode on contact and deal great physical damage in the area of ​​effect. Empowered shots deal more damage over an even longer range. Such an Cyberware is effective against groups of people. And let's be honest, it looks really cool.

Like all items in the game, the Projectile Launch System Cyberware is rare. Parameters depend on rarity, which deteriorate from Legendary , then Epic and finally to Rare.

Projectile Launch System Implant

How do I get the Projectile Launch System for free?

Working on it....Coming soon.

Where to buy the "Projectile Launch System"?

Legendary Missile Launch System

This Cyberware can be purchased from a chip installer located in the City Center, namely in the Business District. In this case, you must have a Reputation level : 45 . Price: € $ 100.250.

Legendary Missile Launch System Location

Legendary Missile Launch System Location Map

Epic Missile Launch System

If the previous option does not suit you, we go to the Riper in Santo Domingo, in the Rancho Coronado quarter. You can buy an epic rarity Cyberware for  € 25.250 , provided your Reputation is level 25.

Epic Missile Launch System Location

Epic Missile Launch System Location Map

Rare "Missile Launch System"

Even cheaper Cyberwares can be bought in Watsbrook, in the Charter Hill area. Prepare to give up  € 15.250  if your Rep is level 20.

Rare "Missile Launch System" Location

Rare "Missile Launch System" Location Map

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