Where and How to Find the Legendary Gorilla Arms Implant in Cyberpunk 2077?

 In this guide, we will focus on the cyber-implant that is installed in the arms - "Gorilla's arms". The main feature is that this "weapon" accumulates charges with each successful attack. With a strong attack, they inflict additional damage, the larger the charge, the more damage you can deal during a strong blow. Gorilla arms also allow you to pull out a machine gun and open locked doors.

Note: At the moment it is impossible to open locked doors (bug).

Legendary Gorilla Arms Implant

Like all items in the game, the Gorilla's Hand implant is rare. The characteristics depend on the rarity, the more difficult it is to find, the higher the parameters. The highest stats are Legendary, then Epic and finally Rare.

How do I get Gorilla Arms for free?

Working on it...Coming soon.

Where to buy Gorilla Arms?

Legendary Gorilla Arms

For this we need a ripper from the City Center, which is located in the Business District. For such a rarity, you will have to pay € $ 100,250 and a reputation level of at least 45.

Legendary Gorilla Arms Location

Legendary Gorilla Arms Location Map

Epic "Gorilla Arms"

This time we go to Santo Domingo, to the Rancho Coronado area.  Reputation level required to purchase : 25 . Cost:  € $ 25,250.

Epic "Gorilla Arms" Location

Epic "Gorilla Arms" Location Map

Rare "Gorilla Arms"

Well, for the cheapest implants we go to Westbrook, to the Charter Hill quarter.  Reputation level 20 required to purchase . Price:  € $ 15.250.

Rare "Gorilla Arms" Location

Rare "Gorilla Arms" Location Map

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