Where to find a camera in Genshin Impact

Where to find a camera in Genshin Impact

 In Genshin Impact, the camera is a new tool that allows you to take different pictures right in the game. This is not a full-fledged photo editor, however, you can still take a lot of beautiful photos with it. To get the camera you need to go through a world quest called "Smile".

Quest "Smile": how to get a camera

To get the new item, you need to travel to Li Yue Harbor. Near the north teleporter and town square, you'll find a kid named Xu. Talk to him and ask him about the camera.

He will ask you to give the photos to two people in the area. Go to your inventory, check your quest items and look at the images you need to find out who exactly should be transferring the pictures.

Who needs to transfer photos

The first is the Tea Doctor Liu Su. Just climb the stairs of the nearby pavilions to find him.

The second character is Granny Shan. Move to the southern teleporter and get to the market. The old lady stands directly opposite the other sellers.

After returning the photos, go back to Xu and chat with him. Soon he will give you a camera. Now open your inventory and go to the Tools tab to activate your new device. By default it will be snapped to the "Z" key.

With it, you can take screenshots right during the battle, planning, jumping, sprinting and many other actions. The saved images can then be viewed in the ScreenShot folder located in the directory where the game is installed.

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