WoW: Quest "The Last Parts" buggt - This is how you fix the bug

The WoW quest "The Last Parts" causes problems. But there is a very simple solution. We'll tell you how to complete the quest.

In World of Warcraft: Shadowlands , many players are trying to make their first legendary item. This article reveals exactly how crafting works. But of all things, the last quest is causing problems because it cannot be completed for many players. The reason for this is a small bug in the game, but it's easy to fix. We reveal how you can complete "The Final Parts".

What is the problem? The quest "The Final Pieces" wants the player to bring a total of 3 different things to the rune mason in Torghast. These are:

  • A runic vessel
  • 2 different letters
  • A memory of the runecutter

The rune mason bitches. There are several reasons for this.

The rune vessel is more or less the "raw item" that you get from trades. You get the various letters from inscribers and memory is the legendary power that you get from different game content.

For some players, however, the various letters are not rated even though you have them in your inventory. The problem here is that the game has to register that you “loot” the items. So you are not allowed to take them from the guild bank.

How do you fix the problem? If the two missives cause problems for you, you can fix them very quickly. You just have to make sure that you "loot" the missives once.

  • To do this, it is sufficient to briefly post the letter to the auction house and immediately cancel the auction.
  • Alternatively, you can send the letters to a second character and send the letter back to you directly.
As soon as you have done that, there should be no more problem with the quest and the corresponding step should be marked as "Complete".

However, it can be assumed that Blizzard will fix this problem with a hotfix in the next few days. Then you should be able to do the quest again without these little detours.

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