WoW Shadowlands: Crazy - Paladin masters mythical dungeons already solo

WoW Shadowlands: Crazy - Paladin masters mythical dungeons already solo

A paladin is already bored in WoW Shadowlands. He's already doing a mythical dungeon on his own.

World of Warcraft Shadowlands has only been out for almost 2 weeks and many players are still walking around in blue gear, which is anything but good. Not surprising - after all, most players are currently in heroic dungeons and are just starting to look at the mythical dungeons.

A paladin can only smile tiredly at this, because he is already doing his first mythical dungeon on his own. The talk is - once again - of the exceptional paladin Rextroy.

What did he do? As a protective paladin, Rextroy has thrown herself into the theater of pain - with mythical difficulty. This is currently the hardest thing WoW players can experience in Shadowlands. Usually a group of 5 players with at least halfway good equipment is needed for this dungeon.

The whole "run" took several hours because Rextroy had to come up with different strategies for the bosses and trash groups. If you are interested in all the details from the fights, you can see the whole run here. In just under 15 minutes, Rextroy explains the most difficult mechanics and toughest groups - and how he mastered them as a paladin. This was mainly possible because paladins can heal themselves as a tank with massive self-healing. Nevertheless, it took a lot of trickery to avoid the permanent stun with the first boss.

Who is Rextroy? The player Rextroy has made a name for himself in the WoW community in recent years. For a while now he has been trying to completely exhaust the game mechanics in order to tackle seemingly impossible challenges on his own. Sometimes these are the current raid bosses who he kills with a single attack or a screwed-up mechanic with which he can even kill players in PvP completely naked - sometimes he doesn't even have to get off the mount . With the release of Shadowlands, PvP scaling was largely abolished, which is why he is now increasingly dedicated to PvE mechanics.

Is there more to come for the players? Rextroy should get new challenges this coming Wednesday. Because then the first season of Shadowlands starts and the difficulty "Mythic +" for dungeons opens. At the same time, the rated PvP season starts and the raid Schloss Nathria opens its doors. Then there should be new goals for Rextroy so that he can continue to chase his ambitious records in Shadowlands.

What do you think of this achievement? It's impressive what Rextroy is getting back on its feet? Or kind of wasted lifetime?

If you want to be as good as Rextroy, you can be happy 

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