WoW Shadowlands: How to find the ripe Purian fruit and open the golden chest

In World of Warcraft: Shadowlands you can find the Provost's golden chest. To open it, however, you first need the corresponding gold key. You get it in exchange for a ripe Purian fruit. We explains to you how all of this is related and how it works.

What kind of objects are these? In Bastion, in the middle of the hero's rest, you will find a "Provost's golden chest." This can be opened, but only when you have found the provost's gold key.

You get this key from Elios, who is right next to the box. However, he doesn't just hand it out, you have to complete some tasks for him.

This is how you prepare everything: In order for Elios to give you the key, you must first complete two quests for him:

  • Fruit of the gods
  • Sweet tribute

These reward you with a silver key and a little loot from the corresponding silver chest. From there you now have the opportunity to receive the gold key.

Find ripe Purian fruit

Where can I find the fruit? The ripe Purians can be found all over Bastion. For the quest "Fruit of the Gods" you have an overview on the map in which areas the fruits can be found.

Alternatively, you can approach the silver lock boxes, which you can also find in various positions in Bastion. You will then receive the "Increased sense of smell" buff. This shows you where the fruits are near you. We have listed some of the boxes here including the coordinates for you:

  • 43/15 near the Eternal Forge
  • 50/44 under the hero's rest
  • 48/30 north of Heldenrast
  • 63/29 near the Elysian fortress
  • 45/83 in the south

You can display coordinates with the right add-ons. The crates themselves are also marked with a crate symbol on the map.

Can i farm the fruit? Limited. A Purian spoils after five days and can be stacked up to a maximum of 20 pieces. So you can collect some of them, but not keep them in reserve.

Open the provost's golden chest with the gold key

WoW Shadowlands: How to find the ripe Purian fruit and open the golden chest

How do I open the chest? When you have completed the quests and found a Purian fruit, you have to take it to the "Provost of the day". Elios will tell you who that is next to his golden box.

You can talk to Elios to get a marker on your map. But it only lasts for a few minutes. But you can speak to him again at any time and ask. The user Celesta on wowhead has already listed the position of all provosts:

  • Alexandros: 53/85
  • Angeliki: 43/27
  • Burnsios: 45/59
  • Chaddius: 57/77
  • Covinkles: 53/9
  • Giannakis: 71/37
  • Ioanna: 26/33
  • Pagius: 46/65
  • Platnos: 61/62
  • Wylia: 34/67
The corresponding Provost will then hand you the Provost's gold key. With this you can go back to the hero's rest and open the chest there. Inside you will find gold, some anima and items for sale.

If you get strange items while quests, they can lead to really great loot. Like the unusually large mushroom in the Ardenwald, with which you get a chic frog mount.

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