WoW: Shadowlands - This is how you make legendary items

WoW: Shadowlands - This is how you make legendary items

Legendary items can now be obtained in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands . We reveal how this works and what you have to pay attention to.

With the beginning of the second WoW week in Shadowlands, some new features were activated. The most important thing for most players should be the ability to create powerful, legendary items. We explain how you can get the new "Legendarys" and what you need to know to be happy with them.

The essentials in brief:

  • Legendary items can be obtained by any character
  • You need soul ash from Torghast
  • Craft professions produce the basic items
  • Legendary items have four ranks that you can upgrade
  • You can only wear one legendary item at a time
  • Legendary items are quite expensive

How can you craft legendary items?

The valuable orange-colored items can be produced in WoW: Shadowlands by any player who has reached level 60 and has decided on a pact. During the first missions of the pact campaign, you will unlock the rune mason in Torghast. This happens shortly after you have freed Baine from Torghast, so after your first forays into the tower.

The runecutter has a few more missions for you and must first gain a bit of his freedom to help you. The quests are linear and do not require any explanation - just follow the instructions until you finally unlock the rune mason. One of the last quests wants you to collect 1,250 soul ashes.

What does it take to make legendary items?

Several materials are required to craft legendary items. These are:

  • Soul ash
  • A memory of the runecutter (the legendary force)
  • A basic item from a crafting profession
  • Two writings with secondary values ​​(from the inscription specialist)

Where can I get the items?

You get the various items you need from different activities in the game. These are:

How to get soul ash: You get soul ash from Torghast every week . If you complete the various corridors, there will be soul ash as a reward at the end. Note that you can only get the soul ash once per week and level. It is also important to know that you do not have to do each level individually. For example, if you complete level 3 of a certain section, you will also receive the rewards for levels 1 and 2 if you have not received them this week. It is therefore sufficient to complete the highest level (and thus the highest level of difficulty) per week.

In addition, in rare cases there is a little soul ash (approx. 100) from the adventures that you can send your followers on in the Pact Sanctum. A few story quests also give small amounts of soul ash.

The amount of soul ash available per week is therefore very limited. You should visit Torghast every week - at least until you've made all of the Legendary Desires.

Memories of the Runecutter: Memories are the legendary powers, so the special effects. You get these from different activities. These can be reputation rewards, but also dungeon bosses, rewards from PvP or world events such as the wrath of the dungeon master. In the adventure guide you can see in advance where you can get this special power from every legendary power.

As soon as you have a power in your inventory, you have to "use" it near the jailer so that this memory is added to his (and therefore your) collection.

Basic items from craft trades: You can get the basic items from other players or you can make them yourself if you have a corresponding craft trades.

  • Tailors create cloth armor
  • Leather processors create leather and chain armor
  • Blacksmiths build plate armor
  • Jewelers make rings and necklaces

The basic items are quite expensive and require the cooperation of several trades. For example, tailors also need materials that have previously been refined by players using enchanting, while blacksmiths need transmuted metals from alchemists.

So crafting a basic item is a major undertaking that requires the efforts of several players (or a visit to the auction house).

Writings with secondary values: You can get these items from the inscription specialist and are comparatively cheap. This allows you to determine which secondary values ​​should be on your legendary item. You can choose two attributes, such as speed, critical strike rating, versatility, or mastery.

What's up with the ranks?

Legendary items come in four different ranks in Shadowlands, which differ mainly in the item level (item level). The strength of the respective legendary power does not change. The item level only decides how strong the primary and secondary attributes are on the legendary item. So that the legendary item is always "optimal", you should upgrade it regularly so that it does not fall behind normal equipment.

You have the choice of immediately crafting an item at a higher rank or entering lower and paying a lower cost for it.

The cost of soul ash does not change. It makes no difference whether you produce a legendary item at rank 1 and then upgrade it bit by bit or build it directly at rank 4. When upgrading you only have to pay the necessary difference in soul ash, as this table shows:


Cost of soul ash

Item level

Soul ashes appreciation


















However: every time you upgrade you need a new basic item from the craft! The gold costs are therefore more expensive when upgrading.

Be careful when buying the basic items

Before you buy a basic item from a craftsman you trust (or the auction house), you should check one more little thing.

Each legendary ability can only be attached to certain armor slots. For example, the “shadow flame prism” of the shadow priest can only be attached to the armor slots for the head or hands.

Almost all legendary powers have such limitations. But you can see them in advance in the adventure guide. So think carefully about which legendary power you want to have and then buy a piece of armor that matches the chosen power.

Should you save on higher-ranking legendaries?

Everyone has to decide for themselves. It is a matter of weighing up whether you want to make a legendary item at level 1 right at the start or a few weeks later to make an item at level 2, 3 or even 4.

A level 4 item is of course more powerful than a level 1-3 item because it has more attributes. However, in case of doubt you will have to wait longer for your legendary powers and will lag a little behind in the coming weeks.

In any case, the maximum benefit for minimum costs is achieved if you are patient and create a Legendary at level 4 directly. Because in that case you only have to buy a basic item once and then transform it into a legendary. Those who start at level 1, on the other hand, have to upgrade their legendary piece of equipment with a base item at levels 2, 3 and 4 in sequence, which can really go into gold. However, the cost of soul ash is identical.

Should you craft multiple legendary items?

It all depends on what kind of content you're playing.

Your character can only carry one legendary item at a time, but you can keep several of them in your inventory and switch between them. This can be worthwhile if you play different roles (such as tank, healer or DD). There are also a few legendary items that are more useful in special situations, such as in Torghast or PvP.

Note, however, that you will then also have suitable items in your inventory to wear replacement armor. Because if you suddenly wear legendary bracers instead of your legendary helmet, you of course need a "normal" helmet in order not to be naked on the armor slot.

What should you watch out for as a craftsman?

If you are a tailor, leather processor, blacksmith or jeweler yourself, then of course it sounds like tempting profit prospects. After all, all players need legendary items and you can make a lot of gold with them.

While all craftsmen can make the basic items at rank 1, this is no longer the case for the higher levels and there is a fairly expensive reason for this.

For example, if you want to produce the base item for shoulders at rank 2, you have to produce the base item at rank 1 a whopping 15 times beforehand. For rank 3 you have to produce the item at rank 2 15 times.

The costs that are incurred for this can run into the tens of millions.

So it is worth discussing with the guild and specializing in individual armor slots. For example, one tailor is an expert in fabric shoulders, while another focuses on capes.

In any case, a guild that can provide materials is a must if you don't want to spend millions. So social play is encouraged here.

Do you have any further questions about the legendary items in WoW: Shadowlands? Are you already working on your first Legendary?

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