WoW: This is how you get “Loyal Gorger”, the cool mount

Are you still looking for an impressive mount in WoW: Shadowlands ? Then you should get the "Loyal Gorger". We'll show you how to do it.

There is a huge amount of new mounts in World of Warcraft Shadowlands. Some are simply left behind as prey by rare enemies, others are a little more hidden. One of them is the "Loyal Gorger" that you can get in Revendreth. Because that has already caused a lot of frowning and confusion.

Where do you have to go first? To get the imposing mount, you first have to defeat the elite rarity "Weltrandfesser" in Revendreth. To be able to summon this, you need the item "Tempting Anima". It can drop anywhere in the forest west of Darkhaven (where the penitent hunt took place).

This is where you can find the Worlds Edge Eater, if you can summon it.

With "Tempting Anima" you go to the coordinates 39/72 and light the beacon with the anima. This conjures up the rare enemy "World Edge Eater".

But be careful! The Worlds Edge Eater is an elite opponent with quite a lot of health and some nasty attacks. You should assemble a full group before you take up the fight against this monster.

Drop is not guaranteed: If you have defeated the boss, there is a chance that he will leave behind " Impressionable Gorger Spawn". This is an epic item, but it doesn't end up in your inventory. It is used automatically. After you've looted " Impressionable Gorger Spawn", you can read two sentences in chat - the Brood looks at you and then runs away.

If you have not received the " Impressionable Gorger Spawn", try again the next day. Like almost all rare enemies, the Worlds Edge Eater can only be looted once a day for special prey.

What's next? The next step is only possible when you have already reached level 60. You have to travel to coordinates 60/57. As soon as you get close to the location, you should notice the influenceable eaters that are nearby. She is now a quest giver.

Every day the brood gives you an assignment. The missions are quite simple and mostly close by - you only have to collect items from the immediate area or kill a few enemies.

Returns to the eater brood every day because it always has a new job. Complete the orders for 7 days, then at the end you will receive the "Loyal Gorger" as a mount that you can use in the future!

Have you got the eater yet? Or haven't you had the luck to drop the start item so far?

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