WoW: You shouldn't miss this pet as a night fae hunter

WoW: You shouldn't miss this pet as a night fae hunter

 Hunters can tame a unique pet in WoW: Shadowlands . But they only have one chance to do this - it has to be used.

While most World of Warcraft players love to collect mounts or battle pets, hunter players crave the coolest, most beautiful, and exclusive companions. This is exactly what you can currently get - it is only available once in the game. We'll tell you how to get the transparent purple snake and what you have to do for it.

What kind of pet is that? It's about the snake "Shadow of Dambala". This is a large snake with a purple-purple hue, but at the same time it is also transparent. It is the only creature with this appearance and therefore very desirable for collectors.

Where can I get the pet? Only hunters who have joined the Night Fae can get the shadow of Dambala. In addition, they must not have completed the quest "Clearing the Forest". This is a quest from the Night Fae campaign, which will be available from fame level 8 - i.e. since Wednesday (December 9th) at the earliest.

The quest runs in several phases. During the second phase, one of your goals is to conquer Dambala. Here you are actually transformed into a rune deer. Stop the transformation and fight Dambala in the traditional way.

Dambala conjures up several "Shadows of Dambala" every few seconds - these are the very creatures that you can tame. Just be careful not to lose the threat to the animal while taming, otherwise the taming process will stop. 

Where can I get the pet?

One possible solution would be to simply implement an optically identical queue as a rare mob in an upcoming patch. Then hunters who have already completed this quest would not look into the tube.

If you want to be on the safe side, you should get the shadow of Dambala as soon as possible. Who knows how long this possibility will still exist...

Have you already got the snake? Or did you miss the perfect moment too?

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