Akali is a very powerful and versatile assassin with high hybrid damage, both magical and physical, and at the same time she does not use mana, and at the same time her skills expend energy, as befits a mother assassin. But with all this, Akali requires a very high reaction of actions and a confident game skill. And if you learn how to use all her skills in battles correctly and on time, then you can fully unleash the full potential of this wonderful champion, and each game will bring you only pleasure and end with an enchanting victory.


Assassin's Mark (Passive)After Akali attacks an enemy champion with any of her damaging skills, a circle-shaped mark appears around her target for 4 seconds. And the moment Akali crosses the border of this circle, she will replace her daggers with a greenish sickle, and her next basic attack will be made from a longer distance and deal more damage, and she will also replenish some of the energy expended. If you have already hung a mark on the enemy, and he suddenly decided to run away from you, then while moving in his direction, the speed of your hero will be increased by 50% while the mark is valid. Also, the speed will be increased again in the event that you cross the border of the circle.

Five-point strike (first skill) When activated, Akali fires a fan of daggers in front of him at a short distance, which damages all enemies. Also, the skill significantly reduces the speed of movement of the attacked target and can apply a passive skill. This is a champion's primary ability and plays a very large role during almost every champion's move. With it, you will farm minions throughout the game, gaining experience and gold, as well as in battles with enemy champions, we will also increase control over them, reducing their running speed.

Shroud of Twilight (Second Skill)When this spell is activated, Akali creates a cloud of smoke, the duration of which is 7 seconds at the 4th level of pumping. Within this cloud, Akali becomes invisible and gains a movement speed bonus. Attacking opponents from the cloud, Akali becomes visible for 0.8 seconds, and then dissolves into smoke again. The skill itself consumes nothing when used, but it restores a good amount of energy. While invisible, Akali can take damage from spells that have an AOE effect.

Assassin's Shuriken (third skill)

When activated, Akali throws a shuriken forward, while she herself dashes back. If you hit any enemy, you can immediately use the skill again and get closer to him, continuing to make your attacks. Damage will be dealt both on the initial hit and when pressed again to get closer. Re-use has no range restrictions and ignores all obstacles in front of you and the target, with only a time limit of 3 seconds.

Perfect kill (ultimate)

Ultimate adds 2 dashes to Akali, each of which deals massive damage. For the first use, we need a target in the form of an enemy champion. When you activate a skill, you dash towards it and inflict physical damage on everyone who stands in your way. After 2.5 seconds, you can apply the ultimate again, making a second dash, while dealing magic damage.

The order of pumping skills

In order to deal more damage to enemies and kill each new wave of minions faster, we try to pump our first skill faster, since this is the main tool of our farming. But at the very beginning, of course, we swing everything by one so that we have the full range of Akali's capabilities. Then we improve the third skill, significantly increasing its damage and reducing its cooldown. Next, we pump up the second skill, increasing the speed of movement inside the smoke screen and increasing its duration. Ultimate swings at every level available to us.


After playing a lot of different roles, I managed to collect 3 sets of runes for each. In general, Akali can stand equally well both on the middle line and on the baron's line. But due to its set of skills, the position of the forester also suits her very well. Of course, the farm speed in the jungle will be noticeably lower than on the lane. But since Akali has everything to go to the ganks from the first levels and actively move around the map, you can quickly compensate for this shortcoming by killing enemy champions.


For a more or less comfortable game on the middle lane, the following set of runes is quite suitable:


  • Execution with Electricity will allow you to inflict additional damage from every third attack on the enemy.
  • Weakness will also allow us to deal additional damage with each restriction of the enemy's movement, which our first skill does an excellent job.
  • Accumulation will help increase the champion's durability. In the case of a protracted game in the later stages, we will have a fairly high survival rate.
  • A sweet tooth will allow you to receive not only increased treatment from honey fruits, but also to receive a good amount of coins from them.

Baron Line

In the event that you decide to settle on the Baron's line, then here it will be a log to make some changes:

Runes for Baron's line

  • Execution with Electricity and Weakness are left as the basis.
  • Spiritwalker and Inspiration . In this position, our priorities are changing. If on the middle lane your main task is to gank adjacent lines and forests, then on the position of the Baron's lane your main task is to push the lane and demolish enemy towers. With this tactic of the game, it is this set of runes that will be most useful to us.


If you decide to take the position of a forester, then this time you will need a completely different set of runes:

Jungle runes

  • Execution by Electricity remains in place.
  • Brutality will allow you to quickly kill neutral creeps, including dragons, and will also add good bonuses during battles with enemy champions.
  • The prop will adaptively increase armor or magic resistance, whichever is less.
  • The Pathfinder will allow you to quickly move around the map, which is very useful for clearing the forest and gangs.

Summoner spells

As for the choice of summoner spells, then, again, they will be different for each position. Is that on each of them is saved Leap for an emergency retreat to avoid unnecessary deaths.

On the middle line we will use Ignition, which leaves less chances for the survival of rivals. It is better to choose the Baron line Barrier, as this will make it even more comfortable to stand on the line and not be afraid of the unexpected arrival of the enemy forester. Well, in the role of a forester, of course, we choose Kara for faster clearing of the forest and gaining increased experience when clearing it.

Assembling items

Since Akali has hybrid damage, she can purchase items for both skill power and attack power. And, of course, for different roles, I tried different options for purchasing artifacts, but one universal version of the build went into all three positions.

Assembling items

Unfortunately, there are very few items in the game that increase both. More precisely, it is only one - the Hextect bayonet . Actually, it is with him that our purchase begins.

As the second item, we choose the Lich Storm , since this artifact will increase several useful characteristics at once, and also significantly increase the damage from auto attacks after each use of skills, which will perfectly combine with our passive ability and will allow us to deal significantly more damage from ordinary attacks.

Now it's time to start thinking about buying boots. And here, with almost no options, our choice is the Ionian Boots of Enlightenment , which reduce the cooldown of our abilities. Of course, you can consider options with a Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Walk , but in general, Akali has enough of her skills to avoid heavy damage from the opponent. In the future, Boots of Enlightenment will be best upgraded to Enchant Stasis as needed , which will avoid unnecessary deaths in some situations. But if you have mastered all her skills well and are able to quickly and correctly apply them in battle, then, as an option, you can consider Enchanting Living Silver, which will allow you to avoid enemy control and at the same time continue to move and deal damage.

Next, we will increase the damage indicators. And here, like nothing else, Rabadon's Death Hat will suit us , so nothing increases the power of skills better than this item. It will give a very large increase in damage to enemies.

Next, we acquire the Sphere of Infinity , which also has a lot of necessary properties, each of which will be useful in further battles. In addition, the sphere will allow you to inflict even more damage on enemy champions, whose health level drops below 35%.

In the last slot of the inventory, we acquire an artifact based on what is happening on the battlefield. In general, if the number of deaths for your champion is minimized, then the Staff of the Abyss becomes our choice , which significantly increases damage due to good bonuses of skill power and increased penetration of enemy armor. But, as an option, to increase our survival rates, we can purchase a Guardian Angel , which increases both armor and attack power, and it will also add the ability to resurrect after death.

Perhaps some of you may ask the question "where are the items for attack power, because it has hybrid damage?" And that would actually be the right question. The fact is that Akali deals the bulk of all his damage to opponents precisely because of his skills, and the bonus to auto-attack from passiveness is also perfectly increased due to the power of skills. While most physical items will add practically useless parameters to us - attack speed, critical damage, and so on. We simply do not need all this in general. While magic items increase the cooldown time of skills, and armor penetration, and speed, and so on. Which will actually be much more useful properties during battles.

General Tips

The increased damage of basic attacks from a passive skill is, of course, very good, but you don't need to get carried away with it either. If there is an opportunity to strike the enemy, then we do it. If he is somewhere far away, then, of course, it is not worth chasing him and jumping under the towers. Try to go outside the circle behind the opponent's back, or at least to the side, so that he simply has nowhere to run from you. But, of course, if such actions are safe for you.

If the opponent poses a threat to you, then it is better to devote the beginning of the game to farming, gaining coins and experience, while avoiding all sorts of skirmishes with the enemy until the moment is right for the attack.

Sometimes in the early stages of the game, standing on the lane can be difficult. On the one hand, the champion can constantly use his skills, since he does not spend mana, but the problem is that the range of her skills is not the most impressive. For example, when playing against a magician, most often, many skills cannot be realized at all. If the enemy maintains a sufficient distance from you, then he can completely ignore Akali's damage for a long time. With all this, most mages have a good attack range and range of abilities. That is, the enemy will not let you stand calmly on the line, but will look for an opportunity to strike. Even if you suddenly decide to play aggressively, you will hardly be able to kill such an opponent on the lane up to the 5th level. You just don't have enough damage. In addition, it will be easy for the enemy to step back,

Thus, it is best to devote the entire beginning of the game to farming, and try to keep up with the enemy. Of course, if you see that an allied forester is coming to your aid, then you simply have to help him, and together try to kill your opponent. Akali does not have good control. But on the other hand, the champion can give quite good damage.

It's much easier to stand against melee enemies, but you don't need to flatter yourself and hope that you can easily seize the advantage. Usually the melee heroes in the center lane are various assassins with high damage, and they can snap very hard.

A more or less normal game for Akali begins at the moment when you at least buy a Hextech bayonet and initial boots, and you will have an ultimate. With such a set, you can safely start moving between the lines and look for opportunities to realize Akali's abilities. From allies you will most often need good control, and your task will remain to inflict the maximum possible amount of damage on enemies.

Towards the middle of the game for Akali, you need to start playing as aggressively as possible. And if you are unable to kill the enemy on the lane due to the fact that he is playing too carefully, then you can start moving around the map and gank adjacent lanes. At this stage of the game, Akali will already have a lot of damage, and the champion can help allies very well.

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