A new 2021 league in Path of Exile. Echoes of the Atlas Ritual League Guide


A new 2021 league in Path of Exile. Echoes of the Atlas Ritual League Guide

In the next update The Path of Exile Atlas Echoes, which was released on January 15, brings players not only fresh items and maps, but also a brand new Ritual Challenge League. The main difference between such leagues is the need to create a completely new character to research the current game mechanics with the possibility of developing the hero up to level 100. Such a unique league will be discussed in this material, in which we will take a closer look at all existing innovations.

Basic information about the "Ritual" league

Basic information about the "Ritual" league

In the new league on locations, players can find several mysterious altars, which are guarded by a number of enemies. After the destruction of all opponents, you must activate the action of the altar. A ritual circle will appear around the character, inside which, in addition to new enemies, all previously defeated monsters will revive. The hero can freely approach the boundaries of the barrier, but it is impossible to pass through them before killing all the monsters. There are no more than four such sanctuaries throughout the map.

Basic information about the "Ritual" league

In each subsequent ritual, all monsters from previous battles near the sanctuaries will be summoned in the location, so the complexity of further battles increases enormously, as does the reward received after clearing the area. As soon as the last enemy is defeated, the area around the hero will become bright, so we can use the altar to access the window with rewards. It is worth considering that some artifacts at the first sanctuary will be hidden, so you will need to clear all the previously appeared altars on the map to access the remaining items.

New currency "tribute". What it can be obtained for and what it is spent on

New currency "tribute". What it can be obtained for and what it is spent on

For killing each enemy within the active ritual circle, a special resource - "tribute" is added. For these points, the player will be able to purchase the received rewards after clearing the sanctuary. The more monsters are defeated, the more tribute the hero will receive. Empowered enemies and bosses provide an increased amount of resources to the character.

New currency "tribute". What it can be obtained for and what it is spent on

Players do not need to run around the entire location in order to collect all opponents in one place at the altar, since only those monsters that are generated near the sanctuaries when the map is launched are counted in "Echoes of the Atlas". After the death of the hero during the battle with monsters at the altar, the player can always go back and purchase the desired artifacts without losing the previously earned tribute. However, earned resources are not transferred between locations and are reset to zero when switching to another map.

New currency "tribute". What it can be obtained for and what it is spent on

It is recommended not to forget about it and spend the received tribute right away. This does not apply to items offered for purchase, so the player can always transfer any items not purchased to another location. To accumulate tribute from scratch for the acquisition of desired artifacts. As you complete subsequent actions on the same map, players will be offered useful rare rewards. In some cases, the value of the gifts may be too high. In the absence of the possibility of purchasing an item at full price, there is a function of unhindered movement of the item to the next area.

New currency "tribute". What it can be obtained for and what it is spent on

You can transfer items an unlimited number of times, however, the required amount of resources for a successful barter will change: when you make an advance payment, the total cost of the item becomes lower in the next location. Otherwise, if you refuse to contribute a certain amount of money, the price of the artifact will increase, and as soon as the total price returns to its original state, the item will disappear from the purchase window. Among the huge number of different artifacts, in the "Ritual" you can find several special base artifacts of the league, which are endowed with various unique properties that differ from the standard awards.

Ritual vessels

Ritual vessels

During the cleaning of the sanctuaries, the player can get special ritual vessels that allow you to transfer all defeated opponents to another location. When choosing a card, you can place up to four vessels with slain monsters in the map device. This will add the monsters stored inside to the generated map to new shrines. The use of ritual vessels increases the difficulty of battles and improves the rewards received when activating rituals. The player will be able to get much more tribute to buy rare artifacts.

It is recommended to use the vessels carefully, as users will have to personally control the level of danger of subsequent skirmishes with enemies. Ritual vessels can be sold both empty and with monster souls. Do not forget that with the automatic generation of each location, the last shrines are located next to the boss, so it must be borne in mind that when using flasks to keep defeated opponents at the altars, all reinforced enemies will also be transferred to the next map when the vessels are activated in the menu.

Ritual awards

Ritual awards

As before, players can earn various rewards as they progress through other leagues. In the new league "Ritual" 40 new challenges are available, for completing which you will receive exclusive cosmetic items:

  • Completing 12 challenges will unlock the ritual weapon effect.
  • For completing 24 challenges, the character's ritual effect will become available.
  • For completing 36 challenges, players will gain access to the ritualist's hideout.
  • For completing tasks, a new shelter decoration is provided - "Totem of Ritual tests". It is awarded in chunks starting at the 19 challenge, and then rewards the player for every 3 challenges completed, up to 8 parts after completing all 40 challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the "Ritual"

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the "Ritual"

How is the recipient of an artifact determined when playing in a group?

All items are chosen by the creator of the location.

Is there a feature for viewing artifact windows by other team members?


Can multiple items be moved to another area?

Yes, the total number of artifacts is unlimited.

How often can items be moved?

Ad infinitum, subject to prepayment. Otherwise, if the preliminary donation is canceled, the item will disappear as soon as its full value is restored.

Can I see the transfer date in the rewards window?

Yes, there is an indicator in the window that shows when the gift was postponed earlier.

What happens on the map if one or more players of the squad do not have time to enter the area of ​​the ritual circle before the altar is activated?

To participate in the process of ritual battle, players must be in the ritual circle, otherwise users outside the barrier will not take part in the test and will not receive a reward.

How can you get out of combat while activating the ritual shrine?

The player can use the portal, die during the battle, or close the game client.

When is a ritual considered a failure?

The death of all players inside the ritual barrier ends the challenge. However, the player can go to this shrine again to spend the previously collected tribute during the battle. Exiting the menu from the location also fails the ritual.

Can a player lose pending artifacts?

Each gift the player chooses to transfer will automatically appear in a new location for redemption. If the item is not purchased and transferred again, then it will not disappear instantly, but the final price of the artifact will increase. The gift will finally disappear only when the value is restored to its original value.

Is it possible to collect monsters on the map and bring them to a ritual to get more tribute?

No, since only those defeated monsters that appear near the altar when generating the card are counted. We destroy the nearest enemies and after activating the sanctuary we fight with them again. The player will receive a certain amount of tribute only for killing these opponents.

How to increase the amount of tribute received and the rarity of rewards?

It is enough to alternately pass the altars without death and use the ritual vessels to transfer the defeated opponents to the next location.

Do the rewards change at one location when rituals are performed at different altars?

All artifacts initially appear in the very first window after performing the first ritual, but some of the gifts are hidden. Access to these most expensive and rare items will only open after completing all the sanctuaries in the generated area.

Do slain monsters get rewards?

All artifacts are purchased only for the accumulated tribute, so in the "Ritual" there is no possibility of dropping out various awards when killing any monsters.

Can ritual vessels be reused at subsequent locations?

All ritual vessels can only be used on cards without activated vessels.

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