Activate "Do not disturb" (Android & iOS)

Activate "Do not disturb" (Android & iOS)

 If you activate the "Do not disturb" function on your smartphone, calls, notifications and notifications are muted. For example, you can set a period of time in which you do not want to be disturbed. We'll show you how to do this here at OkayGotcha.

If you are in a meeting or do not want to be annoyed by annoying Android messages and tones for the next 30 minutes, simply switch on the " Do not disturb " mode on your smartphone.

Do not disturb - enable in iOS on iPhone

  1. Opens the settings.
  2. Activate the switch at " Do not disturb ".

Do not disturb: what should be blocked?

Alternatively, you open the control center on the iPhone and tap on the half moon symbol . Determine how long you want to be left alone. To adjust the "Do not disturb" settings, you tap longer on the half moon symbol . There you can choose which distractions should be disabled while do not disturb mode is active.

Do not disturb - activate in Android

  1. Swipe your finger down from the top of the screen to view quick settings.
  2. Tap on the minus-in-the-circle symbol " Please do not disturb ".

Do not disturb: Specify what to block

Alternatively , you open " Settings "> " Sounds "> " Do not disturb ". Tap on the " Activate now " button above . Here you can also set who or what can reach you despite the activated "Do not disturb" mode (contacts, apps, alarms, reminders, calendar appointments). In the menu item " Advanced "> " Validity of the quick settings " you can specify how long you do not want to be disturbed.

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