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All collectibles in The Medium

All collectibles in The Medium

 The location of all the collectibles hidden in different parts of The Medium's game world - from photographs and postcards to notes and echoes

The most difficult achievements in The Medium involve finding collectibles, which fall into several categories:

Photo # 1 - [Jack]: While in Jack's apartment, go to the back room behind the kitchen and develop the photo using the lamp and liquids in the bath. You need to take a photo, put it under the lamp and turn it on for 5 seconds. Then, from right to left, immerse the photo in each tray, holding it inside for 3 seconds.

Caretaker's Postcards 1 [Greetings from Niva]: after you arrive at the rest house, enter the gatehouse on the left side and take the postcard from the open suitcase. This must be done before you climb over the fence behind the gatehouse.

Creepy Drawings 1: after the first separation occurs, and you control Marianne in two worlds, go to the right from the electrical panel and look for the creepy drawing "New Acquaintance" in the dark world behind the stones.

Caretaker Postcards 2 [Honest Work]: after you find yourself in front of the huge building of the Niva Party Rest House, go left and look for a red car in the parking lot. Inside it will be a postcard.

Creepy Drawings 2: Inside the same car as the previous postcard, there is a creepy drawing. Look at the screen of the dark world.

Echo 1: there is a telephone booth in front of the Niva entrance. Interact with her and use your intuition to find the gap and listen to Henry's echo. It is difficult to pass by and not notice.

Echo 2: As soon as you use the dumpster and climb inside the building through the visor of the building, look to the left and examine the men's shoes.

Caretaker's Postcards 3 [Promotion]: In the hotel lobby, walk past the broken staircase and the two elevators. On the right hand there will be a stand with an ashtray on which the postcard lies.

Echo 3: after you find the key in the dark world on the third floor of the hotel, enter the room using it and go to the bathroom. Go to the next room and look to the right. There will be another phone here. Use it before jumping through the hole in the floor.

Memory 1: After jumping down through the hole in the floor, use your intuition and interact with the book to the left of the vase. This is Ursula's room.

Echo 4: There is a bottle of pills in the bathroom sink in Ursula's apartment. Look for a gap on it.

Mentor's Diaries 1 [Apologies]: In the same bathroom, next to the pill bottle, is the mentor's first journal.

Echo 5: When you find a razor in the dark world that allows you to cut through the skin and go to the next area, take a look at the sink in this apartment. Look on the mirror above the sink.

Memory 2: Examine the item to the right of the vase with dried sunflower.

Troubled Person's Notes 1 [Quiet Place]: After you cut the second skin and go through the butterfly corridor using the Spirit Shield, enter the room on the left and look for the note in the room on the right, in the box with another note.

Creepy Drawings 2 [Old Man]: Look to the right of the previous note from a worried person, in a dark world.

Troubled Person's Notes 2 [To Do List]: After speaking with Grief, enter Thomas's office and examine his broken desk.

Notes of a Concerned Person 3 [Forces New]: Once in the secret room behind Thomas's office, examine the back of it. Look for a note on the floor, on a strange symbol.

Photo 2 [From Hiding]: In the darkroom located in Thomas's secret room. You will need to develop this photograph according to the story.

Notes from a Concerned Person 4 [Hot Delirium]: Before entering the break room, you will need to go to the right and find the Bolt Cutter. Walk to the right to the glass from the doors of the rest room to open the grate. A note is hidden in front of her, behind a column.

Echo 6: As soon as you find yourself in the pool hall, find the police barricade standing in one of the corners.

Echo 7: There is a similar barricade in the pool, and it will give access to another echo.

Echo 8: As soon as you make your way through the hole in the wall into the dressing room, examine the clothes lying on the opposite wall.

Overseer Postcards 4 [Once]: Look for the item in the far corner of the same room as the Echo 8 Clothes.

Notes of a Concerned Person 5 [Old Man Frank]: After going up the stairs, take a look at the trash lying on the right side of the corridor.

Echoes 9, 10, 11, 12: After examining the mirror and the light from Sorrow appears, it will direct you to several toys. Each one stores an echo, and each echo needs to be studied according to the plot. The last toy will be in the shower by the pool, you will have to move the cart.

Miscellaneous 1 [Torn Picture]: After going through the hole in the wall, go to the cabinet on the left where Sorrow leads you, open it and find a white cat figurine. This item is on the shelf inside the cabinet.

Echo 13: after Maw breaks down the door and leaves to the right, go through it and follow the corridor to the observation room. Interact with the phone on the wall.

Creepy Drawings 3 [Bad Nurse]: After returning to the dark world through the mirror, go to the foreground of the room (as if on yourself) and look for the object, and then go out into the corridor.

Caretaker Postcards 5 [Wonderful Scenery]: Once you use the key to open the door to the left of the phone with echo 13, head left and look for an item in the corner of the room.

Echo 14: Look for a break on ballerina Vivienne's brochure in her manager's room.

Echo 15-16-17-18: Call each of the four numbers in Vivienne's notebook, in the ballerina's room.

Creepy Drawings 4 [Dark]: In the room to the left of the barrier with two souls (man and woman), go to the far wall and find a creepy drawing there.

Echo 19: When you go after the soul of a man and take off your mask, go to the back room and enter the real world through the mirror. In this real world and in the same room, there is a telephone against the wall on the left.

Echo 20: In the room with numbered chairs where the meeting was held, find an ashtray on the far table.

Miscellaneous 2 [Quiet]: After restoring the names of Nicholas and Tori by returning their masks, go through the nearest mirror and take a look at the table in the room you are in.

Echo 21: After finding the previous note "Quiet", go through the hole in the wall, and then use your intuition on the bloody wheelchair.

Miscellaneous 3 [Blank Look]: After examining the wheelchair, pick up the note from the couch next to it, on the shelf under the scalpel.

Notes of a Concerned Person 6 [Ashes and Death]: As soon as you return to the hotel lobby with the bolt cutter, go to the front desk and remove the chain from the grate a little further, behind which lies the flashlight. There you will find another note. This is the last and only chance to pick her up!

Echo 22: As soon as you enter the break room, walk to the left and study the drawing of horses lying in a box against the wall.

The Mentor's Diaries 2 [Giving Up Greatness]: Near the drawing of horses in the common room (echo 22).

The Tutor's Diaries 3 [Inspiration]: On the right side when entering the break room, as soon as you cut the skin. On the same side is part of the sheet music.

Memory 3: Examine the liquid bag hanging from the IV in the center of the break room.

The Tutor's Diaries 4 [Boy Special]: On the couch against the same wall as the drawing of the horse in the living room.

The Tutor's Diaries 5 [Sequence in Frenzy]: Next to the door in the room to the left of the living room (break room).

Memory 4: Look in the piano room after solving the globe puzzle.

Echo 23: Once at the staff room (requires a key to study 7), use your intuition on the pen case on the table to the right.

Mentor's Diaries 6 [Distance]: in the same staff room, to the right of another part of the sheet music.

Memory 5: Points to the right of Echo 23 and Mentor's Diary 6.

The Tutor's Diaries 7 [New Home]: After using the Spirit Shield to go through the butterflies and go down the stairs, go to the large room and head to the near right corner. Look for the diary against the wall.

Flashback 6, 7, 8: You will need to review three flashbacks associated with Richard. And you will do it without fail according to the plot. First you need to study the canvas, then the doll and the red bow.

Caretaker's Postcards 6 [Chatting and Chatting]: As soon as you exit the Niva, turn left at the intersection and look for the item on the bench. At the same time, you need to move forward in the story, north, up the screen.

Echo 24: There is a telephone booth next to the same postcard from Caretaker 6.

Caretaker's Postcards 7 [Poor Girl]: next to the telescope and the huge Reclaiming History sign, a little further (observation deck).

Caretaker's Postcards 8 [More difficult]: at the next fork with two pointers to the left and right, turn left and look for the item on the bench.

Caretaker's Cards 9 [Whisper in the Dark]: Once you meet the dog and have a new “follow the dog” goal, instead, head right to the river and find the object lying on the ground on your left hand.

Overseer Postcards 10 [New Companion]: Before examining the tent with the Overseer, head down the screen to the south and look for the item on the bench.

Caretaker's Postcards 11 [Regrets]: In the tent next to Francis's body.

Photo 3 [Personnel Photo]: In a tent next to Francis's body.

Echo 25: After talking with Sorrow near the garage, walk forward until you find a fence. Examine the wheelchair wheel on the left.

Echo 26: There will also be a pack of cigarettes lying around. You need to study it.

Echo 27: all in the same place, go inside the garage on the right and look at the carved horse.

Echo 28: Go to the next room and check the area in the foreground of the screen. You need to find a cassette player.

Notes of a Concerned Person 7 [Something Broken]: to the right of the last echo (cassette player).

Echo 29: Same as the worried person's note 6. Apply your intuition to the suitcase.

Flashback 9, 10: There are two subjects to study in front of the red house. You will do it according to the plot.

Troubled Person's Notes 8 [Demons]: In the side room at the entrance to the red house, right. The passage is between two photographs lying on the floor.

Echo 30: Once in the basement of the Red House, find a teddy bear near the back wall.

Echo 31: a little further and to the right of the bear on the wall is a shelf with a syringe on it. You need to study it.

Notes of a Concerned Person 9 [Another Disease]: To the right of the syringe in the basement of the Red House.

Echo 32: A children's boot located on a highchair in the center of the Red House basement.

Notes of a Concerned Person 10 [Missing Piece]: Go to the front of the screen from the child's boot (or when going down to the basement, turn right in the direction of Marianne's), and look for an object on the table in the corner.

Notes of a Concerned Person 11 [Found a way]: from the previous note 9, turn into the room to the right, in the basement of the Red House. The access code for the door is also listed here - 1966.

Troubled Person's Notes 12 [Separation]: After escaping from the Maw, take a look at the table in the real world located at the back of the room.

Troubled Person's Notes 13 [Past Artifact]: In the Pump Control Room, on the left side of the console.

Troubled Person's Notes 14 [Fine Line]: After using electricity to get rid of the Maw, walk down the hallway and look at the back of the room on the left.

Notes of a Concerned Person 15 [Just her and me]: in the room to the right, in the kitchen, after the electricity in the bunker is restored.

Notes from a Concerned Person 16 [Distance]: In Thomas’s office, next to the shower room.

Troubled Person's Notes 17 [Business card]: In the same room as the previous note.

Notes of a Concerned Person 18 [Hypothesis]: In the same room, this is Thomas's office, and the note is under the board with various pieces of evidence.

Notes from a Concerned Person 19 [Loneliness]: On the butterfly table in Lily's room.