Among Us allows the oxygen bug, impossible to die

Among Us allows the oxygen bug, impossible to die

 One of the most effective basic strategies at the beginning of Among Us is the 2v2 of oxygen, a division of crew members effective enough to reduce opponents through distraction ... unless the bug on duty prevents you from carrying out the closing of the game.

The expansion of platforms throughout Among Us with the success of the Innersloth title generates a prolongation of bugs and errors that is still difficult to control despite the passage of months, the last found in the version of Nintendo Switch, the latest added to the long list of possibilities.

Oddly enough, one of the simplest sabotages in the game presents an impossible countdown that ends up turning negative once it reaches zero, something that completely destroys the game experience and makes it impossible for some Switch players. Here the example with gameplay.

Found a bug where the o2 timer went below zero from r/AmongUs

Obviously this situation is punctual enough that it has not become more than an extraordinary situation, but it shatters the limits of a game that continues to break all records on the Nintendo console since its landing a few weeks ago, staying at number one. in sales since its premiere.

Among Us has been one of the few games capable of hitting the roof throughout 2020 without over-expanding their development team, as they have kept the three developers with whom they began a journey that is now at an all-time high.

This means that any change, bug or modification sometimes takes a little longer than usual in a title that has gone from indie to the top tier of sales and number of players, a situation for which the launch of The Airship is also being delayed , the expected fourth map that should arrive in the first quarter of 2021. 

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