Among Us trolls with the release date of the new map, The AirShip


Among Us trolls with the release date of the new map, The AirShip

The Among Us team knows that the day it announced its new map it was going to create a spectacular hype. And more so when, after the first brushstroke, he showed some of the scenarios and new tests . Which causes us all to wonder every day,  when is The Airship going to arrive in the game?

There are hundreds of increasingly bizarre theories on the matter. Users trying to guess the date based on an alleged clue. But at the moment they all seem fake, and Innersloth laugh at it, who even dare to troll their community by playing with the release date of The AirShip a Among Us.

First, with a meme about these conspiracy theories, they imply that each alleged evidence is false, since there is no leak in this regard. The main reason? Well, because the Among Us team recognizes that they literally have no idea when that will be , joking again and asking for help from these users who claim to have information.

With just four people supporting the entire gigantic project that the game has become (until not long ago there were only three), it is normal that times are 'delayed' compared to what an impatient community demands. But after months with The Skeld, Polus and Mira HQ, nothing is going to happen if we have to keep waiting for The AirShip for a few more weeks.

At the end of the day, the important thing is that it is well finished, without bugs that could harm the gaming experience. Which leads us to continue thinking that this 'early 2021' could be referring, perfectly, to February or even March.


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