Android: Close apps - this is how you close background applications

Android: Close apps - this is how you close background applications


If you “close” apps on your Android smartphone, they continue to run in the background. We'll show you here at OkayGotcha how to completely close apps.

Close Android apps with the three navigation keys

  1. Android smartphones show three navigation buttons at the bottom of the display by default: " Back " (triangle symbol), " Home " (circle symbol) and " Last application " (square symbol).
  2. Tap on the " Last used " button ( square symbol or ≡ symbol ).
  3. You can now see all open apps next to each other to scroll through.
  4. Swipe your finger to the right and tap on the text " Close all apps ".
  5. You may also see all open apps arranged one above the other.
  6. Then look for a button like "Close apps" or a cross symbol .
  7. Alternatively, you swipe the individual apps in the overview upwards or to the side from the visible display area to close the respective app.

On older smartphones, all apps running in the background are only displayed if you press the home button longer. On newer smartphone models, however, this opens the “Google Assistant”. Sometimes you have to press another key briefly or longer.

Close apps: restarting does nothing

On older smartphones, apps that run in the background when the device was restarted were closed . In the meantime, the previously opened apps automatically open again in the background after a restart.

Android: Quit apps completely in the settings

  1. Opens the settings .
  2. Tap on " Apps & Notifications ". On Samsung smartphones, the menu item is called “Application Manager”> “Execution” or similar.
  3. Tap on "View all open apps ".
  4. Select the app you want to close from the list.
  5. Tap on “Force Quit ” or “ Stop ”.

Do I have to quit Android apps?

The Android operating system of smartphones is designed to keep smartphones running permanently, even when they are not needed.  It's similar with iPhones . There are also apps that open automatically in the background, for example to receive push notifications. If you want to close the apps for data protection reasons, so that they don't always “call home”, you can take a  look at the AFWall + app  . This is a firewall that activates / deactivates the internet access of apps. You have the most control over apps when you root your smartphone .

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