BB-8 in Star Wars Battlefront 2: best cards and tips

 These are the best cards and tips to use with BB-8 in Star Wars Battlefront 2. Dominate the battlefield with the help of our complete guide.

BB-8 in Star Wars Battlefront 2: best cards and tips

Star Wars Battlefront 2offers us the possibility of playing with several of the best known heroes and villains in the universe created by George Lucas. As each one of them has unique abilities and characteristics , we are going to tell you how each one works in general terms and which are the best cards to use in Heroes and Villains, Supremacy and Galactic Assault. In this case we will talk about BB-8 , the faithful droid of the pilot Poe Dameron.

How to play with BB-8

BB-8 is a ball-type hero , that is, it attacks melee but has a small size and great mobility. The Girocable is an area cleaner , clearing the point where you use it from the closest enemies. Additionally, his Stamina Support is a great support skill , which with the right cards will cause your allies to deal more damage.

 Best cards for BB-8

Best Cards for Supremacy and Galactic Assault

For the modes in which we will mainly face infantry , the best cards for BB-8 are:

  • Whirlwind: causes the Gyrocable to hit in a wider radius and deal more damage .
  • Spare Batteries: This is a typical card to deal more damage with your normal attack when eliminating enemies or dealing 300 damage to a Villain . The stack is achieved using any attack, but only increases the damage of the Electro Needle , BB-8's normal attack. The effect resets upon death .
  • Self-healing (alternative to Spare Batteries) : as we always do with cards that reset upon death, if you don't hold out long enough to take advantage of Spare Batteries , with this card you can heal more life .
  • Discover ( buffer , alternative to Spare batteries): this card will be useful when you play with more people and want to support them . When you have it, when you use the Stamina Support ability , all affected enemies take more damage .
  • Giro: is the Torbellino partner. Makes (at max level) when you hit 2 or more enemies with Twirlwind, the ability reactivates earlier , so you can use it much more frequently.

Best Cards for Heroes and Villains

To fight against other Heroes and Villains , the best cards for BB-8 are:

  • Self-repair : as always, I can regain more health, it will be useful.
  • Whirlwind : The Gyrowire is still the droid's main attack , so better do more damage with it.
  • Spare Batteries: Since you won't find that many enemies in this mode, you'd better increase your damage by dealing 300 damage to a Villain.

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