Bethesda Softworks and MachineGames Announce Indiana Jones Game

Bethesda Softworks and the MachineGames development studio (responsible for the last parts of Wolfenstein) have announced a new joint project - their version of the interactive adventures of Indiana Jones.

Bethesda Softworks and MachineGames Announce Indiana Jones Game

The game does not yet have a name, release date or list of target platforms, but there is executive producer - game designer Todd Howard - and partner Lucasfilm Games .

The new Indiana Jones adventure will not be released soon, as evidenced by the clarification from Bethesda Softworks that the next piece of news will have to wait "some time."

The announcement of the project was accompanied by an uninformative half-minute teaser (link under the news), which, according to  Lucasfilm Games, hides "a few clues."

Regarding the game itself, the future development of MachineGames will tell an original, independent story, the events of which will unfold “at the peak of the career of a famous adventurer”.

Other details about the project were not disclosed. Lucasfilm Games ended their message: “Welcome back, Indy. Long time no see".

This announcement is not the first in a series of cult movie franchise characters returning to video games. Earlier, the development of a project about the special agent James Bond was announced by the IO Interactive studio (Hitman series). 

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