Black Desert Level Guide 2022: How to quickly level from 1 to 61

 If you want to  quickly access the strongest skills in  Black Desert Online or jump into PvP, you should quickly level your character to 56 or even higher. We'll tell you the best way to do this in 2022.

Why should you level up quickly in Black Desert? From level 56 you unlock the powerful "Awakening" skills or the newly introduced "Succession" skills that were added in 2019. This is how your character unfolds completely and you need these skills to advance in the endgame and PvP.

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We have expanded the guide a bit because at level 58 there is an additional box with equipment and you can level from level 58 to 61 using a special method. Level 61 is considered the "soft cap".

However, we recommend that beginners in particular refrain from this method. You should explore the game in peace and level with the quests. It's not much more exciting than the pure grind, but it brings you closer to the game and the diverse activities.

The article originally appeared in 2020 and was updated on January 5 for 2022.

Black Desert Level Guide 2020: How to quickly level from 1 to 61

What else can I do to level up faster? All kinds of buffs help you to reach the level-ups even faster:

  • The server buff: + 100% XP [you get for the server Olivia]
  • [Combat Glory] Faster and Stronger V: + 100% Combat XP [you get when you reach level 15]
  • Scroll: Combat XP: + 100% Combat XP [available in the real money shop]
  • Golden Bell: + 100% combat XP [depending on the channel you are on]
  • Strong Elixir of Experience: + 15% Combat XP
  • Magic Crystal of Infinity - Experience: + 10% Combat XP [Item for the helmet, can be made with the greed of the dark spirit]
  • [Camp] Mercenary experience: + 10% combat XP
  • Guild XP Boost: 10% Combat XP
  • Pets: 0-25% EP
  • Title: 0-12% EP

Black Desert Level Guide 2020: How to quickly level from 1 to 61

The fastest way: power leveling

What is power leveling?  To get to level 61 really quickly, you need an already equipped and strong teammate and join a group with him. This pulls you through strong areas and you passively receive the EP.

Depending on how many buffs you use, you will reach level 60 in just a few hours. However, you will not receive loot from opponents who are 5 levels or more above you.

Where do you power level the fastest? For levels 1-55, the fastest way to level up is at the Sausan Garrison northeast of Heidel or Polly's Forest in the south in Kamasylvia.

From level 55+, the Mirumok ruins offer themselves as a level location.

Black Desert Level Guide 2020: How to quickly level from 1 to 61

The fastest way to level up alone: ​​Here's how

If you want to go out alone and level up without a partner, you can still reach level 56 and beyond in a few hours. We'll tell you which areas you should visit in which order.

Compared to our old guide, we have reduced the number of areas a little. So not so much time is lost on walking routes. You should reach level 30 without any problems within the first hour.

Level 1-15: "Tutorial" to Red Nose

If you start the game with a new character, you can play the quests to Red Nose. With the server buff and an active scroll, you will get to level 15. You will also receive inventory expansions that will be useful later.

After that, however, you do without quests and concentrate on the pure grind on opponents. From the point of view of XP, this is significantly faster.

Black Desert Level Guide 2020: How to quickly level from 1 to 61

Level 15-19: Altar Imp

The first area in which you can level is called Altar Goblin and is located south of Red Nose. There you will find many goblins in one place, so you should move forward quickly.

Level 19-26: Swamp Naga

The second area of ​​Swamp Naga is again directly south of the altar imp. There you will meet monsters that stand close together, especially in the middle of the swamp, and can thus be defeated quickly and effectively.

Level 26-35: Khuruto / Khuruto cave

After leaving the swamp behind you, head west, past the orc camp and through Delphe Castle. In Khuruto you will find some camps where many opponents are in one place.

You can also go to a cave there for a change. There are many opponents waiting for you in the Khuruto cave, which you can eliminate in quick succession.

Black Desert Level Guide 2020: How to quickly level from 1 to 61

Level 35-40: Abandoned Land

If you got bored of leveling in the cave, you can look forward to a little variety. Between level 35 and 40 you level in the abandoned land. It is located northwest of the city of Calpheon and southwest of Khuruto. 

Level 40-45: Marni Path

After reaching level 40, continue south through the city of Calpheon on the Marni path. There are some not so strong opponents waiting there that you can quickly eliminate.

Level 45-50: Catfish people camp

The catfish people camp is located southwest of the cave path. There you level up to level 50. Please keep in mind that open PvP combat begins at level 50. This is indicated by a short quest that you have to activate with the Black Spirit before level 50.

"Automatic" leveling from level 50

From level 50 there is also the option of leveling "automatically". You can buy training manuals for 1,000,000 silver per hour in the cities from the NPC Jamey Drucker through training the Black Spirit.

Through this you can start training on a scarecrow and regularly receive experience points. RisingSun also used this trick to get to level 66.

Black Desert Level Guide 2021: How to quickly level from 1 to 61

Level 50-56: Helms post

After reaching level 50 you will start the longest journey so far. Helms-Posten is located northeast of the city of Heidel and is very popular with players because Asula Accessiores can drop there.

From level 53 you can theoretically move on to the Sausan Garrison or simply level up.

Level 56-58: Cadry ruins

Further west of the Sausan Garrison are the Cadry Ruins. This is one possible place to level up from level 56 to 58. Alternatives are the Crescent Shrine and Gahaz Bandit Hideout, which are both significantly further away.

Level 58-61: Chenga Tome and Quests

For levels 58 to 61 there is a special trick that RisingSun revealed to us. To do this, you first need the one item that you can get by following a series of quests that the Black Spirit gives you at level 53 (Adventurer's Tome).

After receiving the item, you will do tons of quests, ideally in the order shown in the picture that RisingSun sent us:

Black Desert Level Guide 2021: How to quickly level from 1 to 61

Level 61 and then?

There is no maximum level in Black Desert. In theory, you can keep playing endlessly. However, the EP doubles from each level to the next, which makes each level very complex.

The first players reached level 66 in 2019, the first western player even not until January 2020 . You will never run out of level challenges if you feel like it. From level 63, however, you only get minimal benefits in terms of attributes and no more rewards or skills.

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