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CoD Warzone: Don't feel like hackers? Companion app warns you of the game

CoD Warzone: Don't feel like hackers? Companion app warns you of the game

 A new companion app is becoming increasingly popular in the Call of Duty: Warzone community right now . With the application for the PC you can see before the game whether you have potential cheaters in the lobby.

What kind of app is that? With the so-called "Warzone Companion" you can analyze the players in your lobbies on the PC. The tool runs in the background, gives you the statistics of your fellow players and even shows you who could be a hacker / cheater.

The "Warzone Companion" is part of the "Overwolf" program, which provides you with apps for many PvP games that can improve your gaming experience. There is a guide app for the card game Hearthstone , a skill tracker for the MOBA League of Legends or capturing apps for your gameplay videos.

OkayGotcha introduces you to the "Warzone Companion" and explains how the application detects cheaters earlier and why there is also criticism of the analysis tool.

CoD Warzone hacker app

Warzone Companion shows you tons of statistics and cheaters

How does the app work? The program accesses the Warzone database and compiles statistics about your performance. You can see your own statistics in more than 50 categories.

The app also offers a lobby live tracker. As soon as the preparation phase starts before a match, the Companion collects the performance data of all players in the game and gives you detailed information about your enemies. For example, you can see the K / D rates (ratio of kills to deaths) of the enemy teams and the entire lobby.

How does this help me? By analyzing the performance data, the app can assess which player in the lobby is possibly a cheater.

If a player has values ​​that appear abnormal, almost inhuman to the program, such as very high headshot rates, then the Companion marks the player and you can still change the lobby if you want to avoid contact with cheaters.

Players marked in red indicate hackers / cheaters.

This is how the companion download works

How do I get the app? You can download the app from the Overwolf homepage. At the top right you will find the button for "Overwolf Download". The program can also be set in German, but it is not completely translated.

Once you have completed the download, start the program and look for the Warzone tile in the app store. If you don't find them right away, then

  • Move the mouse over "Apps",
  • In the expanded menu on the left under “Browse by Game” select “View all” below to display all the games
  • and look for the game here.
  • Now select the "Warzone Companion" to set up the program.

To link your account, you simply have to start the Companion and then go into the game via the launcher. The app should then find your account by itself. If that doesn't work, you can also register manually.

Which keyboard shortcuts are important? In the game, 2 key combinations are important to show or hide data.

  • Alt + W - Show or hide your own data at the bottom of the screen
  • Alt + X - Shows or hides the performance data of the current or last lobby in the match

Since the "ping" of a position on the PC is set to "Alt" by default, you should perhaps set a new key to ping. Otherwise you will unwittingly show a direction every time you interact with the tool.

Application is criticized by tournament players

Why is the tool also criticized? Some professional players who regularly take part in tournaments are particularly critical of the new tool. Tournaments are not played against each other in the Warzone. The participants start public games and collect points over several rounds, which depend on the kills and placement.

If these tournament participants can use the average K / D value to assess in advance whether the lobby is difficult to play on or at least easy to defeat, then it is very easy for them to cheat and gain an advantage. Something similar also applies to normal players. In theory, you can search for a game until the average K / D is at a low level.

Overall, however, it's an excellent tool for analyzing your own performance and arguing with your pals about the stats. You can also avoid hackers or cheaters. Grab the best weapons in the Warzone and hunt for some new records for your stats.