Count Dooku in Star Wars Battlefront 2: best cards and tips

 These are the best cards and tips to use with Count Dooku in Star Wars Battlefront 2. Dominate the battlefield with the help of our complete guide.

Count Dooku in Star Wars Battlefront 2: best cards and tips

Star Wars Battlefront 2offers us the possibility of playing with several of the best known heroes and villains in the universe created by George Lucas. As each one of them has unique abilities and characteristics , we are going to tell you how each one works in general terms and which are the best cards to use in Heroes and Villains, Supremacy and Galactic Assault. In this case we will tell you about Count Dooku , an apprentice of Master Yoda himself ... but fallen from grace when he was tempted by the Dark Side of the Force.

How to Play with Count Dooku

Count Dooku is a villain of type lightsaber , that is to say, of melee attacks. Dooku is a very aggressive and fast melee character . His Duelist lets you take out enemies in one hit for the duration of the ability, and the Stun Beam has enough range to put a lot of enemies in a tight spot. Finally, with Expose Weakness you will serve as support by launching a debuff of speed and defense to all the enemies that it affects.

Best Cards for Count Dooku

Best Cards for Supremacy and Galactic Assault

For the modes in which we will mainly face infantry , the best cards for Count Dooku are:

  • Sith Control: Increases maximum health regeneration.
  • Final seconds: the stunners rays may be reactivated before .
  • Balanced Duelist: In this case, we are looking to reduce the Duelist's cooldown.

Best Cards for Heroes and Villains

To fight against other Heroes and Villains , the best cards for Count Dooku are:

  • Sith Control: Recovering more health will always be useful and it is even more so when fighting heroes.
  • Masterful Duelist: with this card, Duelist will do more damage , and it is the ability that you will surely use as soon as the hero on duty is within your reach.
  • Balanced Duelist: Since you're going to be constantly using this skill , you better be able to use it more frequently, right?

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