Cyberpunk 2077: How to Activate Cheats and Commands

Cyberpunk 2077: How to Activate Cheats and Commands

 Patch to add cheats to Cyberpunk

Everyone knows Cyberpunk , it is the game that came out on December 10 for PC and consoles from CD Projekt Red, a studio of the also famous The Witcher that has even starred in a series on one of the streaming video platforms par excellence , Netflix. Cyberpunk 2077 has come full of criticism , since its performance on consoles has not been far from what was expected after so much time in development, they have offered a refund of the game at the expense of improving these versions.

But the PC version that has received 3 patches in its first weeks of the game is not far behind, and we have prepared this guide in case you do not have the game updated you can solve them yourself , but we are also going to see how to add some tricks to enhance your experience playing with Cyberpunk 2077.

To add these tricks it is necessary to install the patch that the community has created to. With these tricks we can modify game options such as eliminating traffic, passing conversations more quickly or adding the debugging menu . We can also open a command console within the game itself that will be a delight when it comes to acquiring objects, money or attribute points .

With this, you will no longer have an excuse to start playing Cyberpunk 2077 and be the master of Night City . Let's see how to do it.

Install the patch for Cyberpunk 2077

In order to add these extra functions to our game, it is necessary to install the Cyber ​​Engine Tweaks patch made by the community, we follow these simple steps and we will have it ready to run.

1. We download the patch from here.

2. We copy the file to the cyberpunk / bin / x64 installation folder, to see where you have it installed in Steam you can use the right button of the mouse on the game, manage -> see local files in GoG click with the right button of the mouse Manage installation -> Show folder.

3. We can use 7zip to unzip everything in the folder where we have copied it

4. Now we only have to run the game, but do it in a window without borders , since in full screen the console that we will use later will not work well.

Some of the added functions only fix bugs, although CD Projekt Red is rushing to update their game and officially fix them, so we are going to tell you about the options to give you a boost when it comes to passing the game to you.

Configure patch options to your liking

Once all this is done, and before running the game, we can change certain default values of the patch to leave them with the options at our whim, for this we have to follow these steps.

1. We go to the Cyberpunk installation folder / bin / x64 / plugins / cyber_engine_tweaks and there we will see a file called config.json.

2. We edit this file with any text editor , we have used Atom, although you can also use WordPad or Windows notepad.

3. We will focus on the options that can help us which are the following

  • Console , we leave it true since with this we can enable the console and add more functions.
  • Console_key this value represents the key that we must press to open the console, by default it is 192 which is "~".
  • Remove_pedestrian eliminates most of the pedestrians that go down the street, if we save the game with this option active, they will never appear again, so be careful.
  • Disable_intro_movies disables the first animations to go straight to the game.

Once the config.json file has been changed to our liking, we can run the game and start using the functions offered by these  tweaks that, as we will see later, can be very useful for certain parts of the game.

Tricks with the command console in Cyberpunk

One of the most interesting options that we have enabled with the plugin that we have previously installed is the use of the console within the game itself , when pressing the chosen key it will appear as a command console to add some functions, let's see how to enable it and how this console works for Cyberpunk 2077 .

1. The first thing, if we have not already done it, is to put the game in windowed mode , either without borders or with borders and at the resolution we want, but if it is not possible that the console does not work correctly.

2. Now we press the assigned key to open the console, which in our case and if we have not modified the option, it is the "ñ", now the console will appear that we can move around the screen by dragging as if it were another window.

3. Now we can write commands to obtain, for example, objects in the game , this is the main functionality that will be given to the console, although we can perform more actions.

4. To add objects to the game we will use the following command.

  • Game.AddToInventory (“object”, quantity) where “object” will be one of the objects with a specific name and quantity, a numerical value that will depend on the type of object we want to add.
  • For example, if we want to add some more money we will write Game.AddToInventory ("", 1000) in the console and pressing enter will add 1000 coins to your inventory or if we want to add an object to increase our armor we will write Game.AddToInventory ("Items.SimpleFabricEnhancer01", 1) and when we execute it, our armor will be increased by a random number.

5. There are more than 2000 items available to add to your inventory of all kinds, food, clothing, weapons, etc. You have a list of all of them here, as well as a short explanation of what each object is, and the command to copy and paste directly into the console.

6. You can also add experience to your character in the same way, just change the command we must use.
  • To add experience we will write Game.SetLevel ("Skill", value) and add a value to Skill.
  • For example, we will add 15 to the strength ability, for this we write Game.SetLevel ("Strength", 15) and pressing enter will increase the strength by 15. If we want to increase the level of Combat Hacking to 15 points we will have to write Game.SetLevel ("CombatHacking", 15) and when pressing enter we will increase these points in this ability.
  • You can also increase to a specific level, you can use the command Game.SetAtt ("Skill", value) that will work in the same way as the previous command, but setting the skill to that value.

7. The list of skills you can level up to is this

You reflect


















8. Skills also have additional attribute points or benefits , if we go up in skill and do not assign these points it does not make much sense either.
  • These points are assigned with Game.GiveDevPoints (“option”, value) , so we will write Game.GiveDevPoints (“Attribute”, 2) to assign 2 attribute points, we will change Attribute to Primary to assign additional benefit points.

With these tricks we can advance in the game in a faster way , having all kinds of objects and complete skills there will be no mission that resists us.

Other useful tricks for Cyberpunk 2077

Another ability that we can use is teleportation , we can use this command if we want to move to another place more quickly , but we will have to know the destination coordinates. Using the command Game.TeleportPlayerToPosition (x, y, z) will take us to this place, you must be careful with the coordinates because they may not exist or are out of the game and you have to restart the mission you were on .

You can put the Skippy  weapon in headshot mode , we will use Game.SetDebugFact ("mq007_skippy_aim_at_head", 1) and we will have it, also so that Skippy does not get mad at you, in this case we will use Game.SetDebugFact ("mq007_skippy_goes_emo 1) or to enable secret ending with Johnny with Game.SetDebugFact ("sq032_johnny_friend", 1) . It is also possible to save Takemura if you have decided to kill him, we will write Game.SetDebugFact ("q112_takemura_dead", 0).


If you get stuck in a mission, with these tricks that we have offered you, without a doubt, you can finish it in a more comfortable way , so you can have the weapon you want, or increase that skill that it costs you so much to do it manually, you can also go from one place to another by magic.

Simply execute one of these commands and your games in Cyberpunk 2077 are much more bearable, so you will have no excuse not to finish the game, even with Johnny's alternate ending.

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