Cyberpunk 2077 perks are considered useless and broken by Reddit users


Cyberpunk 2077 perks are considered useless and broken by Reddit users

For almost a month, Cyberpunk 2077 attracts attention every day for a variety of reasons.

Today, Reddit users, again, are up in arms on the character's skills, claiming that they do not work as they should, contribute to accelerated death, are useless, broken, and most of them simply have nowhere to do.

First of all, "Rock", "Marine landing", "House of a thousand stilettos" and "Utilization" got under the distribution.

With the "Rock" Vee cannot be knocked down, but here the car in which you are on the way can easily cope with this task, without giving you a chance to survive, even if the "experiment" is carried out by accident. Because there is an erroneous registration of an accident with constant damage, during which the hero dies instantly, taking on a single blow. Among other things, players are ready to give this perk a chance, as they consider it easy, fixable with the very first patch.

But the "Marine Assault", it seems, does not have so many chances to become playable, according to gamers, and it will not be possible to fix it with the same ease. Since this is no longer a matter of bugs, there is no proper breadth of ability to use. There are almost no water locations, the possibility, the need to get somewhere by swimming, bypassing enemies, too, but he was invented just for this!

"House of a Thousand Stiletto" throws knives that are simply nowhere to take, except for blades scattered throughout the game, which, again, clogs your backpack, specialized throwing knives adapted for this skill, at least some in general, in Night City no.

The "Cutthroat" perk increases the damage from hitting a thrown knife, however, it can also play against you. Users are not at all sure that it works correctly, as originally intended by the developers. Didn't they confuse what?

"Utilization" broke after "The Rock". With it, it is disposed of, during garbage collection, disintegrating into parts, absolutely everything without asking, making it difficult to pick up expensive, necessary items, which knock you out a hundred points of currency for the next improvement, if you bring them in whole for sale, of course.

The game was released only on December 10, 2020, and everyone who plays is already looking forward to the January patch, hoping for at least some improvements.

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