Destiny 2: how to kill the High Celebrant, our guide to the Season of the Hunt final quest

Destiny 2: how to kill the High Celebrant, our guide to the Season of the Hunt final quest

 In just under a month, Season of the Hunt ends, which so far features the return of Uldren Sov, now known as the Raven. For the occasion, Bungie has made available the final quest "Coup de grace", which asks us to go and kill the High Celebrant, your ultimate enemy to put an end to the efforts of Xivu Arath.


To be able to kill the High Celebrant, you must obviously have previously purchased the Season of the Hunt, but above all, you must be rank 7 in reputation . Raising your reputation is not very difficult, nor long: if you've regularly done the weekly milestone asking you to complete 5 stalks in exchange for a powerful engram, you should already be able to accept the quest "Coup de grace "to the Raven , to the Tangled Coast.

When you have spoken to him, a new mission awaits you in the City of Dreams. But to access it, you will first need to activate the bait . As with any other hunt, just fill it with a mod, being careful to select the one dedicated to the High Celebrant.


Now that you are ready, start the mission. Be careful though: a bug (soon fixed) requires taking your time to do it. Do not bring down all your power on your main enemy at once, otherwise you will not be able to continue to advance, and not receive all the rewards.

  • Once in the mission, progress until you find the same type of device used until now to spawn a Wrathful
  • When the High Celebrant appears, shoot him so that he teleports to the Ascending Plane
  • Shoot the energy cell to reveal a portal to it
  • Advance in the Blueprint following in his footsteps, then reappear in the City of Dreams to wound him again in order to return to the Blueprint once again.

Watch out for the Champions!

Knights equipped with Barriers therefore requiring Barrier mods appear, so remember to equip yourself with them

  • Once in the main room, find the High Celebrant at the end of the room
  • An ogre will nevertheless replace it : overcome it and then place the bait to reveal a portal to the Ascending Plane.
  • To reach the portal located at the top of the statue, look on the sides of the bridge : platforms appear as you climb
  • In the Plan, progress from platform to platform
  • On your way, snipers will come to break your feet , and some platforms will disappear


  • When you arrive on the central platform, the High-Celebrant will appear. On him, repeat the same techniques as for the other stalking: you must kill his lieutenants who will reveal an area allowing him to do increased damage.
  • When he is almost dead, he will spawn a Barrier Champion, then he will have to be finished off.
  • Then take advantage of the cinematic, and go see the Spider once back on the Coast to validate the "End of Wrath" Triumph

About the rewards

During this repeatable quest, you can unlock an exotic ship. If you don't have it on the first try, the more you kill the High Celebrant, the better your chances of getting it.

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