Destiny 2: So you get the Guardian title - all triumphs, tips

 In Destiny 2 you can now earn the title "Guardian". Here you get tips on the triumphs for the Wrath Born hunts from Season 12 and all necessary weapon kills.

This is how seasonal titles work : Hard-working Guardians can earn cool titles in Destiny 2 . Whoever manages all of the tough challenges or time-consuming requirements unlocks a name affix. All the other keepers then see this title and know directly what a tough dog you are.

Special titles can be earned in raids or PvP, but every season there is also a so-called seasonal title. In season 12 it is called "Guardian" (Eng. Warden) and revolves around the Wrath Born Hunt, Crows and the secret of Falkenmond.

All triumphs for the Guardian Seal: To unlock a title, you must complete a handful of triumphs. You can see the individual tasks and their progress at any time in the Triumphs tab in the menu.

  • MeinMMO shows you all 11 triumphs that you need for the guardian title in a clear table
  • Afterwards we will show you tips that can save you time and further details on the difficult challenges.

Remember that according to the game you should master 19 triumphs, but there are only 11, because some will give you progress several times.



Flocked monster

Get all 7 upgrades for the Kryptolite Bait

Anger Conqueror

Complete the mission "Coup de Grâce"

Stalking and Trapping (Tangled Bay)

Level 2 Wrathborn defeated (Savek / HKD-1)

Stalking and Trapping (Dreaming City)

Level 2 Wrathborne defeated (Dul Arath / Xilox)

Hunting clothes

Defeat Wrathborn in seasonal armor

Hunting tool

Defeat enemies with seasonal weapons

The real selection

Defeat fighters with Season Pass weapons

Renaissance hunter

Improve your skills with seasonal weapons

Claw of light

Complete the exotic quest "Open Your Talons" (Falcon Moon)

The Omen

Complete the Omen activity

Same and same

Complete Omen while all 3 Guardians are equipping Hawkmoon


So you become guardians in Destiny 2 in the season of the hunt

How much time do I have? You can only complete the Guardian title of Season 12 since January 19th (or in some cases from January 22nd due to bugs). The next Season 13 starts on February 9th and brings a new seasonal title.

However , Bungie is now reducing the FOMO in Destiny. Almost all activities relevant to the Guardian title will remain in the game until autumn 2021. We therefore strongly assume that you can still get the Guardian title later if you prepare some things now.

The required triumphs are divided into 3 categories

  • Born of anger hunts
  • Seasonal missions / quests
  • Gun kills

Most of the triumphs here are fairly self-explanatory but time consuming. With others, the devil is in the details.

The Hohe-Zelebant is also on the hit list

Tips on the Wrathborn hunts and missions for the Guardian title

  • All you have to do to get your bait all the necessary upgrades is complete the normal Wrathborn hunts. You collect reconnaissance data every time and you get to level 7 automatically and in a straight line. 
  • It is a bit tricky to find the 4 bosses mentioned. In order to fight Savek, HKD-1, Dul Arath and Xilox on level 2, you first have to set the corresponding boss as prey in the first slot of your bait. Then you have to make sure that there is still a "Stronger Mutation Mod" in the 3rd slot of the bait. Incidentally, the bosses rotate through each use of the bait with loot variations.
  • In the “Coup de Grâce” mission, even after a patch, you have to be careful not to inflict too much damage on the high celebrant at once. Otherwise he can sometimes become immune and you will not be able to complete the mission.
  • For the omen activity, it is advisable to compete in a team. Since the power level is quite high at 1,270. You can also start the mission from orbit after your first visit (ETZ). Make sure you bring the appropriate elemental damage with you - because the hidden "Matchgame" is active and you will otherwise hardly get the enemies' shields shot. More about the mission can be found here on MeinMMO: Destiny 2: How to get Falkenmond with Random Rolls and its catalyst
  • The triumph for completing the Omen activity with 3 Guardians each using Falkenmond was fixed by Bungie on January 22nd ( Twitter ).
  • If you equip all 5 pieces of armor in the "Wild Hunt" set, you will receive 5 points for a multi-level triumph for each Hunt Born of Wrath. Remember that you knock 2 bosses down per hunt, so don't equip the armor at the end.

So many kills you have to do with the weapons from Season 12

In principle, you can do the required kills in all activities, not just in Wrath Born hunts. If you have a favorite farm sport, you can tackle it specifically or simply work it off over time.

Frictional fire (submachine gun): The weapon comes from the crow or as prey.

  • 400 kills
  • 200 kills at close range (fire from the hip for this, you have to get really close to the enemy)

Deafening whispers (grenade launcher): The weapon is available from the crow or as prey.

  • 200 kills
  • 50 quick multikills (just stick to a group of adds, the AoE damage decimates the whole horde)

Wrath of the Kosarin (Linear Fusion Rifle):

  • 100 kills
  • 50 precision kills

Royal Hunting (Scout Rifle): This weapon is available for the first time at level 30 in the Season Pass.

  • 400 kills

Explosive driven hunt (grenade launcher): This weapon is available for the first time at level 45 in the season pass

  • 200 kills

This is how you equip the Guardian title: if you have completed all 11 triumphs, you have to tick them off in the Triumphs tab. The message "Seal completed" then appears at the bottom left. Then click in the purple field and the title is equipped.

Now all other players can see that you are the Grand Master of the Hunt.

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