Diablo 3: Event now brings you 2 pets - cow and mini butcher

In Diablo 3 the event "The Darkness in Tristram" is now active. There are now two pets for you for a short time. In this guide we show you how to get the crown calf and the mini butcher as companions.

What kind of event is that? Every year in January, Diablo 3 celebrates the franchise's birthday. Exclusive content is activated for this. The focus is on the dungeon Darkness in Tristram , which is reminiscent of Diablo 1 with its retro look and bosses. The portal for this opened on January 4, 2021.

A pixel filter, special sounds and controls create nostalgic feelings of play. On 16 levels you can compete in the dungeon against the old well-known bosses of the series.

Like every year, there are two pets that you can add to your collection since patch 2.4.3. If you don't yet own the Crown Calf Pet and the Butcher Pet in Diablo 3, you can now secure the two companions with our guide.

Rotten mushroom - farm crown calf in 2021

Find Rotten Mushroom: Start a game in Adventure Mode. Then open the map and find the port point to the Tristram event (Act 1 - The ancient ruins). Run left from the port point. Next to a fountain you will find a blue portal called "Tristram".

Enter the dungeon and fight your way through the levels there. Once you get to level 9, keep your eyes open. This is where the rotten fungus can appear. It can be clicked on the floor and collected with it. In the unpicked state, it is initially called "black mushroom". Rotted mushroom in your inventory

Now go to Adria's cauldron with this mushroom in your inventory. You can find it on the way from the Tristram portal to the dungeon. In a short tour, off the path, you will find the cauldron in the run-down hut. Right click on it and you will get the witch elixir.

Receive the plan for host's leg: After you have looted the elixir, go near the Tristram portal and there you can loot the corpses.

  • Farnham's corpse drops a drunkard's debt
  • Odgen's corpse drops Garda's letter,
  • Pepin's corpse drops the healer's recipe
  • and Griswold's corpse drops the plan for Wirt's leg.

With the recipe for host's leg, you go into town and see your blacksmith.

  • Make the legendary Streitkoblen Wirts leg at the blacksmith (costs 1 million gold)
  • Disassemble the host's leg mace you just built at the blacksmith's
  • You will receive the starry sky map for this
  • Travel again to Adria's hut on the way to the dungeon portal
  • To the right of her hut are 3 dead cows
  • Click on them in the order of the star map.
  • The left cow has number 1, the middle cow has number 2, and the right cow has number 3.
  • The order is 2, 1, 3 on the card - so first click the middle, then the left and then the right cow
  • A portal to the abandoned farmhouse opens to the right of the cows
  • In the middle of the courtyard you will find the host's treasure chest. Open it and loot the crown calf
  • With a right click you add the calf to your collection

How to get the mini butcher pet

You have to do that: The mini butcher is linked to a success in Diablo 3. If you unlock the achievement “An eerie red glow clouds your view”, the pet is added to it.

So there is success:

  • Create a fresh level 1 character in solo play
  • Play through the dungeon "The Darkness in Tristram" with this new character and kill Diablo there
  • As a reward you will receive the achievement + Pet

How to get the mini butcher pet

Do you like collecting new companions in Diablo 3? The game regularly publishes new content in the form of pets that collect gold for you during your adventures.

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