DOP 2: Delete One Part Walkthrough - All Levels Answers

DOP 2: Delete One Part Walkthrough - All Levels Answers

 In this guide, we will show you how to complete each level of the DOP 2: Delete One Part logic puzzle. The gameplay of this unusual game involves the removal (erasure) of certain unnecessary details. At each level, a text prompt is given, as if hinting at what exactly needs to be removed.

Level 1 - Shave me! Run your finger along the man's red beard.

Level 2 - Make the flower happy! Erase the cloud for the appearance of the sun.

Level 3 - Where is the money? Remove the left safe door.

Level 4 - Summon the genie. Wipe the dirty lamp.

Level 5 - Choose the correct answer. You will need to erase the number 8 on the right.

Level 6 - Make them happy. Remove all needles from the cactus.

Level 7 - Find a rocker. Erase the person's black fur hat.

Level 8 - What is the forester hiding? Wipe the entire forester to see the dancer.

Level 9 - Help watch football. Remove the curtains, behind them the TV.


Level 10 - Divide equally. Swipe your finger in the middle of the sausage between the dogs.

Level 11 - What is she hiding? Erase the upper part of the torso.

Level 12 - Find the rabbit. Erase the purple tablecloth under the table.

Level 13 - Wipe off your makeup. Slide your finger over your eyes.

Level 14 - Find the error. It is enough to remove 0 from the equation.

Level 15 - The wife is hiding something. Remove the pink carpet.

Level 16 - Blind as in the picture. Rub the clay between the guy's hands.

Level 17 - Make him kind. Remove frowning eyebrows from the smiley.

Level 18 - Use your imagination. Wipe down the mirror.

Level 19 - Improve your eyesight. Wipe your grandmother's glasses.

Level 20 - Erase the excess. Remove the green sneaker at the top right of the screen.

Level 21 - Help with the car. Try removing the garage door.

Level 22 - Get ready for bed. Swipe your finger across the girl's face, hair, and clothes.

Level 23 - How to get the red car out? Pay attention to the black car that is parked outside the lane markings.

Level 24 - Get rid of the evidence. It is enough to erase the CCTV camera from above.

Level 25 - Collect the light bulb. First, remove the bottom of the balloon on the left. Next, erase the bottom of the bottle, leaving only the cork.

Level 26 - What is he hiding? Wipe the purple ball and find a fish tank.

Level 27 - Find the letter R. Erase the stick at the letter R.

Level 28 - Save the girl. Remove the saw from the magician's hands.

Level 29 - Who is the killer? Wipe the oven off the stove and find out who the killer is.

Level 30 - Find the pirate. Remove the left side of the black glasses from the parrot.

Level 31 - Craft a sculpture. It is enough to draw a few over the gray figure.

Level 32 - My light, mirror! Say ... Take the cloak off the mirror.

Level 33 - Erase the excess. There are planets in the picture, but the moon is superfluous here.

Level 34 - Who doesn't need a cone? Remove the cone from the man.

Level 35 - Find a lover. First, remove the door from the left cabinet. Next, wipe the blue cape and find a lover.

Level 36 - Erase and Win. Erase the entire left column on the lottery ticket.

Level 37 - Help listen to music. Remove all wires from the headphones.

Level 38 - Upgrade. Swipe the TV to make it look modern.

Level 39 - Erase the excess. Delete the first emoticon.

Level 40 - 12 - 8 = Remove the right side of the candle to reveal the number 4.

Level 41 - What's wrong here? Remove the stones at the bottom of the hourglass.

Level 42 - Scare her! Wipe off steam from the left glass.

Level 43 - Erase the excess. This animal is very similar to a hamster, however, hamsters do not have such a fluffy tail like squirrels. Erase the animal's tail.

Level 44 - Find the brains. First, wipe the pumpkin off the guy's head. Next, wipe the top of your head to reveal the brains.

Level 45 - Erase the sadness. It is enough to remove the word sadness from the level assignment.

Level 46 - Find a werewolf. The girl looks suspicious, remove the clouds from the moon.

Level 47 - Destroy the UFO. Wipe the bags with a balloon.

Level 48 - Print the page. Remove the screen from the top of the typewriter.

Level 49 - Save the girl. Remove the curtains from the window and save the girl.

Level 50 - Help the elephant fly. Remove 100 from the scale.

Level 51 - Find shelter. To the left of the man, wipe the stones and you will find refuge.

Level 52 - What is he hiding? Swipe the bush several times.

Level 53 - Save! Swipe the shark several times and you will see a funny moment.

Level 54 - Save from the heat. In a convertible it will be much easier, brush on the roof of the car.

Level 55 - Erase the excess. This is a game of stone, scissors, paper. Remove the bottom left sign.

Level 56 - Help the turtle win. It is necessary to remove the finish line only from the hare.

Level 57 - Let them talk. They are surfing the Internet, you need to destroy your Wi-Fi router.

Level 58 - Surprise the girl. Wipe off the towel from the magician's hands.

Level 59 - Put out the fire. We need to erase the red fire hydrant.

Level 60 - How many drinks? At the right steering wheel, remove the part so that the number 6 remains.

Level 61 - Help the turtle win again. On the hare's strip, you need to erase a crack and a hole appears, into which the animal will fall.

Level 62 - Save the pie! It is necessary to wipe off the fire.

Level 63 - Erase the obstacle. Remove the drawbridge in front of the ship.

Level 64 - Complete the puzzle. Remove the left part of the shape at the bottom left.

Level 65 - What is the wife hiding? Brush off the blue blanket to reveal pink handcuffs.

Level 66 - What's wrong here? In the reflection of the mirror, the real reflection, remove the bulging belly of the man.

Level 67 - Let the hand on the right lose. The hand on the right needs to remove the two left fingers to make the scissors.

Level 68 - Find the treasure. Remove the path to the left of the skull ship.

Level 69 - Help turn on the console. The caveman has a stone in his hands, wipe it and you will see a joystick from the console.

Level 70 - Defuse the bomb. It is enough to remove the flash.

Level 71 - Calm the cat. Remove black hair from your TV.

Level 72 - Win! Remove the rays of the sun at the top right of the screen.

Level 73 - Save the panda. This is not a panda, this is a polar bear, erase the black spots from the panda.

Level 74 - Hide from danger. Remove the head and legs to save the turtle.

Level 75 - What do you see? Wipe the lenses of your glasses and you will understand everything.

Level 76 - Erase the excess. This typewriter does not need gasoline, so a gas station with a pistol is unnecessary.

Level 77 - Find the shortest path. Swipe your finger from the bus up to the house.

Level 78 - Save from the heat. Remove all clothing from the person.

Level 79 - Help the detective. We need to make a hole in the newspaper at the level of the detective's eyes.

Level 80 - Erase everything. You need to remove all items on the screen, including the name of the task.

Level 81 - Save Granny. Wipe the person's cloak.

Level 82 - Raise the barbell. Remove one pancake from the right side of the bar.

Level 83 - Find the crab. The crab is in the bag of the pelican.

Level 84 - Solve the equation. Erase the top of the equation to make it “I LOVE YOU”.

Level 85 - What is she hiding? There will be unshaven legs under the dress.

Level 86 - Find the monument. The faces of people are in the mountains.

Level 87 - Make them happy. Take smartphones out of the hands of lovers.

Level 88 - Erase the excess. This animal resembles an alpaca, you need to remove the hump.

Level 89 - What part is missing? The bottom left part is needed for the solution.

Level 90 - Transform your leg. Make the leg condition look proper.

Level 91 - Get the color you want. Leave only the blue and yellow colors.

Level 92 - Open the safe. It is necessary to remove the right side of the lock from the left key, then from the right key the left side of the lock.

Level 93 - Upgrade. Wipe off the wire and handle of the vacuum cleaner so that the robot vacuum cleaner appears.

Level 94 - Get to the top. The traveler is already at the top, remove all the mountains to the right and above.

Level 95 - Find the tiger. A tiger is hiding behind a mane.

Level 96 - Save the dinosaur. Swipe your finger over the meteorite.

Level 97 - Erase the excess. Remove the bottom orange ring.

Level 98 - Change your hairstyle. Remove the left bush to change your hairstyle.

Level 99 - Help me win. Erase the bottom of the blue shape.

Level 100 - Straighten your hair. Remove the pink rag on top to straighten your hair.

Level 101 - Find a solution. First remove the snowman from the screen, then the unit from the equation.

Level 102 - Who's Cheating? Remove the object with rings from above between the newlyweds.

Level 103 - Save the demon. Rub the circle under the demon.

Level 104 - Develop a photo. Remove the light from the top of the photo, then wipe the photo.

Level 105 - Find the letter n. Erase the front of the sled.

Level 106 - Find the duck. Wipe down the bathroom and find a duck.

Level 107 - Erase the excess. Remove the purple bowling ball.

Level 108 - Help the little pig. Remove the plugs from the pig's nostrils.

Level 109 - Let the hand on the left win. Remove two fingers from your right hand to make a fist.

Level 110 - Do it right. First, erase the dart on the red field with the number 4. Then remove 0 from 100 and get the number 10.

Level 111 - What's wrong here? The Sphinx Statue is missing a nose.

Level 112 - Cheer up the company. Erase the pants and the guy in the center.

Level 113 - What is he hiding? The guy hides a joystick under the covers.

Level 114 - Make them look alike. Remove the woman's hair in a semicircle like the poodle on the left.

Level 115 - Find X. First, chop down the base of the tree on the right, then the base of the tree on the left.

Level 116 - Erase the excess. Tap the upper left blue triangle.

Level 117 - Clear the board. According to the assignment, clean the entire board canvas.

Level 118 - Find the wolf. Peel the foliage off the tree.

Level 119 - Erase the excess. The sub has no propeller in front.

Level 120 - Don't step. Simply remove all plastic parts from the carpet.

Level 121 - Help the hamster get home. Wipe down the entrance to the house to make the entrance larger.

Level 122 - Do as in the photo. Remove the curlers from the girl's head.

Level 123 - Make a fountain pen. First, erase the head and leave only the colored feather. Next, remove the pen and leave only the tip.

Level 124 - Save the planet. Remove all space debris except the moon.

Level 125 - Rip off the JACKPOT. At the top of the JACKPOT label, erase the last number 7 to make the lemon appear.

Level 126 - Erase the excess. The first object is superfluous and this is a cactus.

Level 127 - Remove the obstacle. Erase only the two left roots so that only one darker one remains.

Level 128 - Find a janitor. Remove all the water under the crocodile's head and you will see a cleaner.

Level 129 - Surprise the girl. Wipe the top of the bear.

Level 130 - Free them. Remove the iron braces from your teeth.

Level 131 - Find the pear. Clean the lamp.

Level 132 - Get orange. It is enough to remove the green circle.

Level 133 - Save the penguin. You need to rub your finger between the animals so that the ice floe breaks.

Level 134 - Why is the child sad? Remove the beard from Santa Claus.

Level 135 - Connect them. Remove the top right part of the key.

Level 136 - What is he hiding? Wipe his cabinet near his hands.

Level 137 - Spread out the bed. It is enough to remove the top of the blanket on the bed.

Level 138 - Defrost the refrigerator. Wipe off the lead wire from the refrigerator.

Level 139 - Help the student. Wipe the monitor screen to see a hint.

Level 140 - Upgrade. Wipe your entire phone for a modern smartphone.

Level 141 - Light the lamp. Wipe the area around the lamp.

Level 142 - Get through the control. Reduce the pencil on the left in half, the size of the right pencil.

Level 143 - Collect the chess piece. First, remove the cactus from the figure above, then remove the base from the horse on the left, leaving only the head and neck.

Level 144 - Equalize Forces. Slide your finger across the left athlete's waist.

Level 145 - Find the ostrich. Remove the cactus and see the head of an ostrich.

Level 146 - Squeeze the juice. Divide the orange in half and erase the bottom of the orange.

Level 147 - What's wrong here? Wipe down the wings of the plane.

Level 148 - Too hot! It is enough to remove the sun from the screen.

Level 149 - Find the cat. The cat is hiding in the belly of the girl.

Level 150 - Wake him up. Remove the curtains so the sun wakes the guy up.

Level 151 - Find the elephant. The figure in the middle is the elephant.

Level 152 - Erase the excess. The extra submarine will be the third from the top in the first row.

Level 153 - Help the girl. It is enough to remove all the needles from the face.

Level 154 - Melt the snowman. Wipe off the red fire hydrant to melt the snowman.

Level 155 - Get out of the friend zone. Remove the line that the girl outlined.

Level 156 - Help to get through. Draw a line on top of the boulder so that it falls and covers the hole below.

Level 157 - Wipe off the makeup. Remove any pink sweetness from the donut.

Level 158 - Prevent the accident. Wipe down the windshield of the car.

Level 159 - Make her dream come true. Wipe the washing machine hatch and see Paris.

Level 160 - Get a haircut as in the photo. Trim the man's hair, leaving some hair behind.

Level 161 - What's wrong here? Remove the 5 kg weight from the right side of the scale.

Level 162 - Where is the money hidden? Erase the cap from the pig on the right.

Level 163 - Wake up the girl. Erase the book from the girl's face.

Level 164 - Get to the gift. Remove the entire blue maze very carefully, except for the gifts inside it and the gift bag.

Level 165 - Save the boy. Remove the entire post.

Level 166 - When is New Year? First, remove the sheet from the calendar, then pluck the sheet from the calendar again.

Level 167 - Get your finger out of your nose. Erase the entire hand.

Level 168 - What is he dreaming about? Wipe down the whole broom so that the guitar appears.

Level 169 - Eat honey. Remove the mesh at the honey level.

Level 170 - What is the astronomer hiding? Wipe the spyglass in the man's hands.

Level 171 - Erase the excess. Wipe the star-shaped cookie.

Level 172 - Scare the fox. Remove the side of the booth.

Level 173 - Save the ship. Erase the entire iceberg underwater.

Level 174 - Find the singer. The singer is behind the left curtain.

Level 175 - Save the girl. Erase the hatch to the right of the girl.

Level 176 - Win the match three game. Remove the bottom left blue piece and you can win the game.

Level 177 - Loves or dislikes? Erase all the white petals to leave one petal.

Level 178 - Save the bullfighter. Eliminate the red cloth in the hands of the bullfighter.

Level 179 - Help the cats. It is necessary to delete all the books under the gray cat.

Level 180 - Make everyone the same. Wipe off all charging from the remaining batteries.

Level 181 - Help cross the road. It is enough to erase the red and yellow colors.

Level 182 - Find a wife. Wipe the yellow drink and foam off the mug.

Level 183 - Who's Superfluous? Hold your finger on the screen, and erase the wings of the leftmost mouse.

Level 184 - Find the Big Dipper. Erase the hay under the bear with an eraser.

Level 185 - Find the thief. Remove the yellow curtain, then the Santa suit and the green bag.

Level 186 - Help the boxer in blue. Erase the health bar from the fighter in red.

Level 187 - What's hidden here? Wipe off the blue square until it turns pink.

Level 188 - Who is the vampire? Remove the candles on the cake and the girl will turn into a vampire.

Level 189 - Who was he scared of? Remove the sheet from the boy.

Level 190 - Find the mistake. Remove the long red hand from the clock.

Level 191 - Find a party hat. Remove the stand from the sign to create a party hat. Then erase the leg from the plant so that only the flower remains.

Level 192 - Cheer up the hamster. Remove the carousel booths to create a wheel.

Level 193 - Who's watching her? Wipe off the toy and dresser to reveal the bully.

Level 194 - Make the painting more expensive. Change the price under the picture frame.

Level 195 - Heat the frying pan. Rub vigorously on the TV and on the man to get angry.

Level 196 - Win a prize. Wipe off the pink tongs from the flying saucer and it will raise the cow.

Level 197 - Pop the balls. Remove the girl's T-shirt, now erase the balls under her linen.

Level 198 - Find the goose. Remove the purple hair from the unicorn, there will be a goose behind it.

Level 199 - Make the dog happy. Remove the red thread so the bone falls to the floor.

Level 200 - Correct the grade. Erase the paint gently, outside the square.

Level 201 - Wipe out the evil bear. An evil toy at the very bottom, in the center. Remove her from the team.

Level 202 - Save the princess. Cut off her hair to make the monster fall.

Level 203 - Uncover the magician's secret. Brush off the yellow curtain and drawer, you will see two hidden girls.

Level 204 - Save Granny. Remove the black robes and see the kind grandfather.

Level 205 - Erase the excess. Remove the green block with wires at the very bottom, it is in the center.

Level 206 - Erase the differences. Remove the nut and beard from the soldier on the left.

Level 207 - Cut your bangs. Remove hair starting from the headband and down from the girl's face.

Level 208 - Help the tower. Remove the load from the hands of the building.

Level 209 - Find the wolf. Wolf tattoo on the girl's back.

Level 210 - Help the bus get through. Erase the second floor by the bus.

Level 211 - Find the note. Remove the shoe without touching the sock, then wipe off the socket.

Level 212 - Erase the excess. Remove the full London patch.

Level 213 - Help Santa Claus. The belly prevents Santa Claus from getting into the chimney.

Level 214 - Find the ghost. Wipe off the right sheet and the ghost will fly away.

Level 215 - Who stole the laptop? Wipe under the table and see who stole the laptop.

Level 216 - Find a pair. Erase the left side of the moon so that the second half of the banana appears on the balcony.

Level 217 - Divide into 4 parts. Wipe all ribbons and bows off the gift.

Level 218 - Fix the cassette. Dispose of any tape under the cassette.

Level 219 - What's wrong here? Swipe your finger over the war's head.

Level 220 - Erase the obstacle. Remove the stone in the path of the water.

Level 221 - Find a pineapple. Swipe your finger across the pizza box.

Level 222 - Find the boy. Move the boat away from the tree.

Level 223 - Prepare for the photo. Erase all objects from the man's head and torso.

Level 224 - Don't step on! Dispose of feces under your feet.

Level 225 - What's wrong here? Wipe the window between the lovers.

Level 226 - Too Hot! Erase the jeans below the girl's waist.

Level 227 - Uncover the secret! It is enough to wipe the monk and you will see his secret.

Level 228 - Find a car. Make a tunnel in the left mountain.

Level 229 - Save the mouse. Only the bone needs to be removed.

Level 230 - Catch a fish. Remove the top of the water and catch a fish.

Level 231 - Who's cheating? The girl on the left is cheating, just rub her belly.

Level 232 - Help get the apple. Erase the weight from the right side of the scale.

Level 233 - Make the same. It is necessary to slide your finger over the pink color in the flask.

Level 234 - Find a pair. There are a couple of potatoes behind the flower pot.

Level 235 - Solve an example. Wipe the monkey's shorts.

Level 236 - Eat a steak. Eliminate the handle on the pan.

Level 237 - Shave me! Get all the hair off the girl.

Level 238 - Find the penguin. Swipe your finger across the snowman's face.

Level 239 - Find the cat. You need to find glasses. The glasses are behind the tape recorder.

Level 240 - What number did he bet on? Wipe the leftmost chip and see number 3.

Level 241 - Collect the punching bag. First you need to remove the top of the bullet on the right. Next, remove the candle from the stand.

Level 242 - Collect the puzzle. It is necessary to remove the protruding part on the left from the upper right puzzle.

Level 243 - Find the letter E. Swipe down on the right side of the letter B.

Level 244 - Erase the excess. Delete the red square on the left.

Level 245 - What is the bride hiding? Eliminate the scarf between the bride's hands.

Level 246 - Save the onion. Remove the left side of the onion as if you were cutting the onion in half.

Level 247 - Get the nut. Remove ice from the nut.

Level 248 - Find a car. Trim all hair from the back of your head.

Level 249 - How many animals are there? Swipe your finger over the red number 6.

Level 250 - Light the bulb. Erase the highlighted greenish stick under the light bulb.

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