Dyson Sphere Program - Tips and Tricks

Dyson Sphere Program - Tips and Tricks

 As you progress through the Dyson Sphere Program, you may have questions, and perhaps with every action. In this guide, we will provide useful tips and tricks that are included in the game.

Dyson Sphere Program - Tips and Tricks

The beginning of the game in the Dyson Sphere Program is quite simple - you land on a planet and start mining resources and building buildings, but as buildings grow, you may encounter certain difficulties.

How to get the logistics receiving station to put things on the belts

  • When you put on the exit belt, you need to choose a filter.

Energy and fuel

  • Energy is used to move, copy items in the replicator (crafting) and launch construction drones.
  • As you develop and unlock new buildings and ways of obtaining resources, then you gain access to more reliable sources of fuel, which give a bonus to energy generation when using mechs in the fuel core.
  • Invest in improvements. This upgrade is located in the second tab in the research tree. Also stock up on wood, plants, or charcoal. Press C to open the mech interface, Shift RMB or drag fuel to the mech.

How to remove items from inventory

  • Select the item with the cursor (grab it) and press the Delete key.

How to mine or find titanium ore

  • Different planets have different resources. You most likely won't find all the resources on one planet, but you can get titanium ore from stone. First you need to conduct research that will allow you to leave the planet and land on another, where there will be resources. On a new planet, build an outpost for mining and mine steel. Next, you need to mine enough to create an interplanetary transport route. It will allow you not to spend 10-30 minutes on the transition from planet to planet.
Note: To open the interplanetary transport route, you need to unlock the yellow matrix. To study it, you just need steel.

How to extract oil

  • Start pulling with the transport strap while hovering over the sump despite the red “Collision with another object” icon.

How to use minor recipes

  • Use X-ray hacking technology.

How to move oil from a refinery to a storage tank 

  • With the help of conveyors and sorters. If they come from a refinery, then you need to use graders to load the products onto the conveyor so that they can then be sent to storage.
  • Use light oil at the beginning of the game for thermal power plants so as not to waste extra coal. Since there is a lot of light oil in the Dyson Sphere Program.
  • Remember, if you require compressed storage, you can stack the tank (stack on top of each other) just like storage boxes.

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