Dyson Sphere Program - Walkthrough Tips


Dyson Sphere Program - Walkthrough

The Dyson Sphere Program is quite a remarkable game as it is an imitation of other well-known and popular games, for example: Factorio, Satisfactory, etc. But it has its own unique feature - the scale. In this guide, we'll show you how to get started and give you helpful tips on the basics.

Dyson Sphere Program - Walkthrough Tips

If you are experiencing difficulties in building your base or in automating it, then let's take it all out in stages.

Beginning of the game

When you start a new game, a star cluster is generated and you are shown a short splash screen - a spaceship flies to the starting planet. At some point you can use WASD (control keys) to move the ship, which can be useful for landing in a better location.

As soon as you land, you will notice some objects on the map: red crystals are copper ore, bluish crystals are iron ore, plants are provisions that are needed for your fur (player character), there are also other places with resources that are also are highlighted on the map.
Use the right mouse button to move the character or collect resources. And if you need to complete several goals, but only one by one, then use the Shift key , but remember that the number of goals in the queue is limited.

You can also remove items from your inventory. Just select an item in your inventory and press the Delete key. The main thing is to know that the removal process is irreversible.


If you have several buildings in your inventory, then you can build them. They are located in the corresponding category of the quick access panel, and then select a specific building from that category. However, you must have an item in your inventory so you can preview it.

After you have selected a building, you will see its hologram. Energy buildings like wind turbines will have a circle around them. This is the area in which they provide energy to other buildings. In principle, they can intersect if necessary, but the wind from the turbine should not be placed too close to each other (radius about 9 tiles).

Some buildings can be stacked vertically on top of each other , this will save space and usually act as a linear addition to the base building, for example, a collapsible storage doubles the efficiency of that storage and shares the same I / O slots at the base.


Most buildings have I / O slots all around. They provide where the Sorter can be used to connect to a belt or other building, but only one connection can be used per slot.

This can be tricky to figure out initially, so here's the basic idea: hitting enter brings up a delivery view (usually a conveyor belt) and then clicking on the building where you want to place the asset. The conveyor must be directly next to or 1 cell apart (no diagonals).

Generating the output is the same thing. Just click on the supplier (usually the machine) and the target (usually the conveyor). It is worth noting that the sorters require power to operate and therefore must be within the force field.

  • Note: For some strange reason, the corners of the storage containers will force you to stretch 2 tiles instead of one. This could be a bug. And remember, laying the sorter for long distance operation will slow down the transfer rate.

Logistics levels

First level :

  • Conveyor - 6 pcs. in sec.
  • Sorter - 1.5 pcs. in sec. the distance of the tiles.
Second level:

  • Sorter - 3 pcs. in sec. the distance of the tiles.

Liquid logistics

Do you have fluids to move? Great, because in the DSP world, fluids are jelly-like. Yes, you read that right, water, oil and other liquids can be moved as Jell-O cubes on your conveyors and graders.

When using liquids, you will often launch the Conveyor directly from certain buildings or into certain buildings, but in most cases, you will use them in the same way as other items such as ores.

Mech nutrition

As you may have noticed, your character has a limited supply of energy. This power bar depletes as you move, create, or otherwise do something, but it will also slowly replenish when you are inactive. However, this passive recharge is too slow to rely on, so we can “feed” our 'Mech with almost any combustible substance and object.
You can fill the energy scale of your mech with the following resources: vegetable fuel (leaves), logs, coal, hydrogen fuel rods and everything else with the "Energy" characteristic. To replenish the mech's energy, open its panel (hotkey "C") and drag or hold down the "Shift" key corresponding items into the fuel chamber slot. Over a period of time, your mech will consume these items, converting them into base energy. If your main energy is depleted, don't worry as your Mecha will stop burning fuel until you need it again.

In the end, you also get the Wireless Power Tower, which will allow you to charge your Mech with power from the mains , although fuel will always be useful for any adventure outside of your base.


To start the automation process, you will need to follow a few steps:

  1. Get energy.
  2. Get iron and copper.
  3. Purify the ore.
But you also need to get some technology , and these are essentially the most important ones to get as soon as possible.

  • Basic Logistic Systems - Basic logistics systems (higher technologies)
  • Automatic Metallurgy - Automatic Metallurgy (Second technology from the top)
  • Basic Assembling processes - Basic Assembling Processes (Tier 4)

They can be explored in any order.

Getting energy

You will need power to power your base, your first power source is the Wind Turbine.

The in-game tutorial will give you one Turbine, but soon you won't be enough, since their power is very low, but don't worry, there are buildings that can work with less efficiency with low energy. Wind turbines can also be less efficient on some planets depending on their biome. Be sure to place the wind turbine next to the miner (s) so that you don't need a Tesla tower (power line) to move energy long distances. At least now it does not affect the amount of energy produced.

Ultimately, you will need Tesla towers for power transmission, unlike wind turbines, they can be placed almost anywhere and have a large supply area and connection length, making them ideal for powering your plant.

Collecting resources

To automate the extraction of iron or copper, you need to place the mining machine in front of several crystals of the desired material and do not forget to power it.

You can specify resource extraction to your miners however you want, but we recommend that they cover as many crystals and resources as possible. You can also use SHIFT to open the "grid" and bind miners to certain positions so that they mine the resources of your choice.

Ore cleaning

Ore cleaning

Once the ore is mined, you can send it to the smelting furnace. This way you will get bars or magnets.

You will need to use sorters to transfer items to and from smelters.

The screenshot above shows how best to position the ore refinery.

An example of creating an automated base for an electromagnetic matrix

An example of creating an automated base for an electromagnetic matrix

It's easy to automate the first major milestone of progress! You already have everything you need to do this.

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