Elite Dangerous: Odyssey creators talk about settlements

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey creators talk about settlements

 Frontier Developments continues to work on the Odyssey add-on to the Elite Dangerous space simulator . And in the new Q&A session, the developers reported details about one of the most important innovations of the addon - settlements.

Planetary outposts can be active, abandoned, or at war. In most cases, settlements are well defended, and in the event of an attack, they will throw more and more reinforcements into battle.

To capture an outpost, you will have to initially find a method to disable its protection. Otherwise, even carpet bombing may not be successful. However, if you destroy the settlement, it will not remain so forever: gradually the inhabitants will return to it, and over time it will revive.

Each settlement belongs to a certain faction, and all inhabitants and their missions are associated with it. But on the terminals it is possible to find instructions from other factions of the system. Additionally, a wide variety of travelers and merchants can gather in ports and border outposts.

Earlier, the release of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey was postponed until the end of spring. However, in the near future, the creators plan to start alpha testing it.

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