Error 91 in Fortnite Battle Royale and how it is solved


Error 91 in Fortnite Battle Royale and how it is solved

Fortnite Error 91 continues to give headaches to many players of the popular battle royale. However, there are several solutions to remedy this failure. Here we tell you.

Fortnite remains one of the most popular games today . The Epic Games title maintains its spirit season after season, despite the fact that from time to time it adds playable and content updates with its battle passes and weekly updates.

What has not changed is Error 91 , which has been present in Fortnite since its inception. Many players continue to suffer from this failure that causes them problems when it comes to enjoying games with a group of friends. Fortunately, this common failure has a solution.

Error 91 results in a message in the looby of the player who experiences it and has its reason for being in a connection problem when forming a group of several players. It is usually pronounced with a message indicating that the group can connect us.

Whether on PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Series X, Nintendo Switch, PC or mobile, Error 91 can be fixed by restarting the corresponding platform or restarting Fortnite directly . This is the most used measure and the one that allows to repair this error, although the failure may occur due to factors external to the player.

On some occasions, this connectivity problem comes from a malfunction of the Fortnite servers , something that Epic Games does not take long to remedy, but that can affect players for a while. Another of the most effective remedies is to make your group private, instead of public, an option that is given by default.

These are some of the possible solutions to fix Error 91 in Fortnite.

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