Everspace 2 Space Arcade Released Early Access

Everspace 2 Space Arcade Released Early Access

 The space shooter Everspace 2, after the December transfer, still appeared in early access on Steam and GOG - it is possible to estimate the game for 825 rubles. And the release of the early version of the project was accompanied by a trailer with a demonstration of the beauty of space, ships and battles.

The early access version contains the first stages of the story campaign, which will take at least 12 hours, and a number of side missions in the first two star systems.

The starter version is designed for at least 25 hours of gameplay. It will introduce pilots to the main game mechanics of Everspace 2: space battles, travel and exploration, resource extraction, puzzles, trade and crafting, ship subclasses and customizations, as well as perks for heroes and their companions.

The game supports Russian, although professional voice acting is only in English so far. The full release of Everspace 2 is scheduled for the first half of 2022.

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