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Find all golden walnuts in Stardew Valley

 The golden walnuts are a new component of Update 1.5 from Stardew Valley . There are a total of 130 golden walnuts that you can get from exploring, fishing and killing monsters on Ginger Island, among other things. In the following guide we will explain where you can find all the golden walnuts.

Find all golden walnuts in Stardew Valley

Some golden walnuts are easy to get hold of, while others require solving a puzzle. The mermaid puzzle is one of those tasks for which you will receive five golden walnuts at once. The parrot in Leo's house will give you little tips when searching . Give him the first golden walnut you find so that he can give you a clue to the next location after each newly found golden walnut. However, since the little help leaves far too much scope for a concrete interpretation of the actual location, we will describe in more detail where to look for the golden walnuts. You can find a list of the locations here:

Golden walnuts found in the east of Ginger Island

  • In the jungle, on the way to Leo's house, you will find 1x golden walnut in a small tree on the left side of the path .
  • Riddle: Hit the tree in Leo's house with an ax and receive 1x golden walnut .
  • To the left of the stairs to Leo's house you place a banana on the altar to get 3x golden walnuts .
  • On the right side of the first jungle area there is a secret path to a second area. At the very bottom in the south of the area you will find 1x golden walnut in the bushes.
  • There is another altar in the same area up north. On a rainy day, a bird appears and accidentally drops a gem. The region of the island where the gem was dropped indicates where the gem must be placed on the altar. For example, if the bird drops it in the north of the island, the corresponding gem is placed on the topmost place of the altar. If you have placed all the gems, you will receive 5x golden walnuts.

Golden walnuts found in the west of Ginger Island

  • Build fruits on the Ginger Island farm to get a total of 5 golden walnuts .
  • Go into a cave above the farm and get the task from the gourmet frog to plant and harvest a melon, a wheat and a garlic in exactly this order. As a reward, you will receive 15 golden walnuts .
  • South of the farm you will find 1x golden walnut on the far right in a corner that you can dig up.
  • In the shipwreck there is 1x golden walnut on the plant in the ship.
  • Above the shipwreck, you dig up 1x golden walnut in the only clutter-free place.
  • Mine mussels to find a maximum of 5x golden walnuts .
  • In the north of the island farm you will find 1x golden walnut in the middle of four white flowers if you dig in the appropriate place.
  • From the location you continue to the right to follow a secret path that will take you to the next walnut. At the end of the path you will find 1x golden walnut .
  • Before you cross the bridge on the left, go south and finally right. In a small tree there is 1x golden walnut .
  • Cross the bridge to the west and head north to enter a cave where you have to solve a “Simon Says” puzzle. You will get 3x golden walnuts .
  • Complete the “Pirate's Wife” quest to receive 5x golden walnuts .
  • Solve the mole puzzle by blocking three of the four holes on the beach with an object and catching the mole with an ax or pickaxe. As a reward there is 1x golden walnut .
  • There is 1x golden walnut buried in the sand north of Birdie's house .
  • Defeat slimes and with luck you will receive 1x golden walnut .
  • Look for an X mark and dig a hole in the middle to get 1x golden walnut .
  • You can find a total of 7x golden walnuts on trees or bushes.
  • Dig in conspicuous places. If objects form a rhombus, there is 1x golden walnut in the middle when you dig there. It was similar with the white flowers. In the west of the island there are a total of two such places: a diamond made of starfish and another marking in the sand by the sea.

Golden walnuts found in the north of Ginger Island

  • Look out again for conspicuous spots that mark out exactly one area and dig there. This will give you eight golden walnuts .
  • You can find 6x golden walnuts on your exploration on trees.
  • Use a watering can at the entrance of the volcano dungeon and use it on the lava to open a new path. In the new section you will find a total of 2x golden walnuts .
  • To the right of the volcano dungeon you can shoot 1x golden walnut with a sling from a palm tree.
  • In the volcano dungeon you can find another 17x golden walnuts by killing monsters, opening chests and dismantling rocks .
  • On the top floor of the dungeon you will find 2x golden walnuts on trees.
  • Complete the tasks in the green building to get the last 13x golden walnuts in the north of Ginger Island.

Golden walnuts found in the south of Ginger Island

  • Solve the mermaid puzzle on a rainy day and get 5x golden walnuts .
  • Fish in the star-shaped pond to pull one golden walnut out of the water.
  • To the right of the star pond you will find a starfish diamond. In the middle there is 1x golden walnut .
  • Go to Pirate Cove at 8pm on a non-rainy day and play a game of darts. As a reward, if you win three 3x golden walnuts, you will win . After winning three rounds, you will not receive another walnut.
  • Inside the pirate bay there is 1x golden walnuts hidden in several wooden barrels.
  • Fish in the ocean and find a total of 5 golden walnuts.

Further localities of golden walnuts

  • Find and open golden coconuts at the blacksmith's. The first golden coconut contains 1x golden walnut .