Find all secret notes in Stardew Valley

 After a certain event in Stardew Valley you will be given a magnifying glass that will allow you to find and read secret notes. In this article we will explain how to start the event to get the magnifying glass, how to get to the 25 secret notes and how to be able to read them.

Find all secret notes in Stardew Valley

Walk from your farm to the bus stop between 6:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Make sure that you don't ride your horse to the destination. A sequence is triggered in which a strange “shadow type” is frightened by your presence. Then you will receive the order “A Winter Mystery”. Follow in the footsteps of the shadow creature to a bush next to the playground. If you interact with the bush, you can expect another encounter with the small figure who apologizes to you and puts a magnifying glass in his hand. With the magnifying glass it is now possible for you to find and read secret notes. To do this, you place the secret note in the first row of the inventory and select it with a right click. Then the new collectible will be added to your collection.

Find secret notes

Secret notes cannot be specifically located. However, there are some actions that can be used to find them. For example, you will find some of them when you go about your usual activities , such as cutting trees, stones or mining ore, fishing, digging with a rake or defeating monsters.

Contents of the secret notes

The secret notes contain different information. For one thing, you will learn about your villagers and their preferences. Occasionally, however, the notes are also pictures that reveal the solution to a riddle . In order not to anticipate too much, you should go in search of all 25 secret notes yourself in order to uncover their contents on your own.

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