Find and craft weapons | Rust

 Weapons are the means of choice in Rust to ensure its survival. It doesn't matter whether you are on a PvE or PvP server: Without weapons you will not survive long in the hostile world of Rust. In this guide, we'll show you how to make weapons yourself and what ways you can otherwise get to weapons.

Find and craft weapons | Rust

To be equipped with enough firepower, you need weapons. Without it, your time in the world of Rust will be short. You have two options to get there: craft and find . So you decide for yourself whether you'd rather lend a hand or go looking for the right equipment. In the following, we will show you how to proceed with both variants.

Make weapons

One way to make weapons your own is to craft them yourself. To learn new recipes, you first need a research table . Put the item there with the required amount of scrap in order to learn it. The amount is displayed when you drop it on the research table. Note that there are weapons like the M92 or the 9mm Pistol that you can only get from Airdrops and not learn.

Melee weapons



Salvaged Sword

15 metal fragments, 1 metal blade

Wooden spear

300 Wood

Stone Spear

1 Wooden Spear, 100 Stones, 5 Cloth

Salvaged Cleaver

50 metal fragments, 1 road signs


100 Wood, 40 Metal Fragments


6 metal blade, 200 metal fragments


100 Wood, 50 Metal Fragments



Eoka Pistol

75 Wood, 30 Metal Fragments

Python revolver

3 metal pipes, 1 metal spring, 10 high quality metal


1 metal pipe, 25 cloth, 125 metal fragments

Semi-automatic pistol

1 Semi Automatic Body, 4 High Quality Metal, 1 Metal Pipe

Nail gun

75 metal fragments, 15 scrap



Waterpipe shotgun

200 Wood, 100 Metal Fragments

Pump shotgun

15 High Quality Metal, 2 Metal Pipe, 1 Metal Spring

Double barrel shotgun

175 Metal Fragments, 2 Metal Pipe


Submachine guns

Custom SMG

8 High Quality Metal, 1 SMG Body, 1 Metal Spring


15 High Quality Metal, 1 SMG Body, 2 Metal Spring



Assault Rifle

50 High Quality Metal, 200 Wood, 1 Rifle Body, 4 Metal Spring

Bolt Action Rifle

20 High Quality Metal, 3 Metal Pipe, 1 Rifle Body, 1 Metal Spring

Semi-automatic rifle

1 Semi Automatic Body, 450 Metal Fragments, 1 Metal Spring, 4 High Quality Metal


Explosive weapons

Beancan Grenade

60 Gunpowder, 20 Metal Fragments

Satchel Charge

4 Beancane Grenades, 1 Small Stash, 1 Rope

F1 grenade

3 Gunpowder, 25 Metal Fragments

Rocket Launcher

50 High Quality Metal, 6 Metal Pipe


Bow & Flamethrower

Compound bow

100 Wood, 75 Metal Fragments, 2 Rope

Flame thrower

6 Metal Pipe, 15 High Quality Metal, 100 Low Grade Fuel, 2 Empty Propane Tank


How do I find weapons in Rust?

If you'd rather go looking for weapons yourself, you just have to know where to look. You can find weapons in these places:

  • Defeat the patrolling helicopter . You should have plenty of ammunition ready for this.
  • Visit other players' bases and loot them.
  • Buy weapons against scrap from bandits.
  • Explore great monuments .
  • Collect them at Airdrops .
  • Visit the cargo ship. There are three time- locked crates on the ship that contain medium to high level weapons.
  • The small and large oil rigs each have separate Chinook events . Again, you can get weapons of medium to high level.
  • Loot any boxes you can find.

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