Find the blackberry basket for Linus | Stardew Valley

 In Stardew Valley you have to find Linus' blackberry basket sooner or later. The so-called Blackberry Basket, can be found quickly and returned to its owner if you know where it is. We will help you in your search and show you where you can find the outcast Linus.

Location of Linus' blackberry basket

The following step-by-step guide will show you shortly where to find the blackberry basket for Linus:

  1. Go one screen to the right from your farm.
  2. Now run up to the bus with which you arrived at the start of the game.
  3. You can go a little further to the left of the bus.
  4. Just before the tunnel you will find the basket on the right side of the street.
  5. Collect the basket and finally bring it to Linus.

Find the blackberry basket for Linus | Stardew Valley

That was easy, wasn't it? If you don't know exactly what the blackberry basket looks like, you can easily overlook it. It looks more like a large bowl or an old-fashioned tub.

Hand over the blackberry basket to Linus

So far so good. You found the blackberry basket, but where exactly is Linus now, who sent you on this search? The outcast is in his tent north of Pelican Town. To find it, if you are in Pelican Town, simply go north, then pass the Community Center on the right and keep going north. You can find his tent in the west of the mines.

What to do when Linus is not there? Linus is either at the lake, southeast of the tent, or he's hanging around somewhere in Pelican Town. If Linus cannot be found, you have to return the next day or another day and then give him his blackberry basket.

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