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Find the MAC address and IP address on the iPhone and iPad: Here's how

Find the MAC address and IP address on the iPhone and iPad: Here's how

 To log into secure WiFi networks, you need the MAC address of your iPhone or iPad. It has nothing to do with Apple's Mac. OkayGotcha shows you how to quickly find out the MAC address or your IP on the iPhone and iPad.

One of the highest levels with which a WLAN can be secured is the access restriction to selected MAC addresses. If you want to log in there, you must first be entered by the network administrator with your unique MAC address . You can find out how to find it out here.

Find out the MAC address of the iPhone and iPad

  • Opens the settings .
  • Scroll down a little to the menu item " General " and tap on it.
  • Then tap on the top menu item " Info ".
  • There you will see your MAC address under " WLAN address " as a series of pairs of numbers and letters.

The method is the same for iPhone and iPad. You will find two different MAC addresses. Under "WLAN address" you can see that of your integrated WLAN adapter. There is another address that is needed for secure Bluetooth connections. It stands directly below and differs in the rear area.

Find the IP address on the iPhone and iPad

If you are asked for the current IP address of your iPhone or iPad, for example because you have problems with a network connection, you will find it in the settings.

Attention: There are three possible IP addresses on an iPhone or iPad with a cellular SIM, but you can only read one directly from the device.

There is:

  • The IP address of the wireless network you see in the settings.
  • The current IP address of your provider , with which you go on the Internet.
  • The  IP address of the WiFi network that your device connects to.

How to find the WiFi IP address on iPad and iPhone:

  1. Start the settings app and tap on " WLAN " in the menu above .
  2. In the next window there is a blue tick next to the WiFi that you are currently using.
  3. Tap on this WiFi to get more information.
  4. Now scroll down to the " IPV4 address " area. There you can see your current IP address and, among other things, the IP of the router you are logged into.

The WLAN IP address is not the one with which you are identified on the Internet. As mentioned, this is different if you access the Internet via a WiFi router or your SIM. This is helpful if, for example, you have problems logging into websites that have blocked certain IP ranges. Give your IP to the support there in order to be activated.