Find Robin's lost ax | Stardew Valley

 Life on your farm in Stardew Valley is not always easy. On spring 11th you will receive a letter from Robin. As part of the quest "Robin's Lost Ax" you should find the missing tool. We'll show you the location of Robin's ax and where you can meet the NPC afterwards.

Find Robin's lost ax | Stardew Valley

Location of Robin's ax in Stardew Valley

The information board in Pierre's General Store already tells you the location of Robin's favorite ax. For the quest "Robins lost ax" (Engl. Robin's Lost Ax ) you have to south of Marnie's Ranch search for it. Proceed as follows to find the tool as quickly as possible:

  • Go to Marnie's ranch and head south.
  • When you arrive at the river, walk in a southwestern direction along the water. You should see a bridge crossing the river soon.
  • Then run over the bridge until you have solid ground under your feet again.
  • Here you can see stone walls and a cliff. Walk along it in a south-easterly direction until you find Robin's ax next to two trees and a small bush ( see picture above ).

Here we have marked the location of the ax again on the map:

Find Robin's lost ax | Stardew Valley

Bring back Robin's lost ax

With her favorite ax in her luggage, she pays Robin a visit in Pelican Town to complete the quest and collect the reward in the form of 250g. She lives in the Carpenter's Store and can therefore only be reached between 9 am and 5 pm . From the location where the ax was found, walk north until you reach the house marked on the following map:

Find Robin's lost ax | Stardew Valley

Here you talk to Robin and give her the ax. As a reward you will get 250g. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to marry the pretty woman after this favor. So she does not accept any gifts from you. If you use the cheat menu of our presented mods , you can even be teleported to NPCs.

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