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Fizz is a frenzied assassin, capable of inflicting insane amounts of damage in a matter of moments, but only in the right hands. In general, Fizz is quite simple, both in mastering and in controlling the character, but during the battles he will demand from you instant, and most importantly, correct decisions. This is a predominantly mid lane champion, but after you master it at least at a basic level, you can easily stand in almost all other positions, right down to the jungle.

But still, our guide is designed more for novice players, so in this article we will study the behavior of the hero precisely on the middle lane, where, in fact, I would advise you to start your acquaintance with Fizz.


Sea Trident (Passive)
A very simple, but at the same time very useful skill, which helps us do more damage, both during farming and during battles with enemy champions. Making their attacks on any enemy, be it an auto attack or the first two skills, opponents will continue to receive additional magic damage for another 3 seconds. To some extent, our passive can be compared with some kind of poison or with Darius's bleeding, or with Ignition, which, by the way, will go well during the game. Already in the initial stages, thanks to this skill, we can quite simply farm the lane, finishing off enemy minions, since we will not have to wait for the moment to deliver the last blow.

Tomboy Strike (first skill)
It gives us the opportunity to quickly catch up with targets running away from us, while doing good damage, and to be more mobile in the battle as a whole. When activated, Fizz dashes forward, dealing damage to everyone through whom it is made, and also upon contact with an enemy, Fizz will impose all his magical effects on each of them, including passive. This skill works well with all other abilities and is an important component of almost any combination of it. When using it, always remember that the dash distance is fixed, no matter how close or far your target is.

Bloodthirsty Wave (Second Skill)
It also increases the damage done to opponents. After using it, our next basic attack will do great additional magic damage on the first hit, and after that for another 5 seconds, Fizz will also deal bonus damage on basic attacks.

Pampering / Deception (third skill)
This ability is a key feature of our champion, since it is capable of not only inflicting huge damage in the area, but also slowing down enemies, helping us jump over obstacles and blocking enemy attacks. When using this skill, Fizz leaps into a trident, becoming almost invulnerable for 1.2 seconds, then jumps off it and deals magic damage in a small radius from the point of his landing. Thanks to this, we can take the whole wave of enemy minions in a matter of moments, gaining a significant advantage over our rivals. An important feature of this skill is the ability to slow down everyone in the Fizz landing zone by 55% at the maximum level of pumping.

When using this skill, Fizz throws a fish in the direction you specify, which sticks to the first enemy champion hit, and after 2 seconds a shark swims up and throws up everyone in the affected area, while imposing a slowdown of up to 80% on each hit opponent. The damage will depend on the range of the skill.

The order of pumping skills

In order to start picking up the entire pack of enemy minions as soon as possible, we need to pump our third skill as soon as possible, significantly increasing its damage and reducing the cooldown time. But first, we still pump each of them one level, which in general will be enough for the initial stage of the game. If you intend to play aggressively, inflicting damage on a single target from the very beginning, then first of all we pump the second skill, increasing our damage.



We choose Shock Execution as a basis , which will significantly increase our damage throughout the game. And the initial stage is the most important, because if you start losing your position at the beginning, then there will be less and less chances of winning.

For the position of the dominance rune, we choose Brutality , which will also be useful throughout the game, since it will constantly increase our attack power.

The rune of courage is much more difficult to choose than all the others, because our choice will depend on our survival during the game. Here, in general, each of them will be useful in certain situations. And in order to make the right choice, you need to watch who will stand against you on the line. But in general, the Spirit walker will be useful almost always, as it will increase our maximum amount of health, as well as resistance to various enemy slowing effects.

With the last rune, I highly recommend taking Sweet Tooth . Fizz becomes a very dangerous opponent with a lot of over farm. That is, if the amount of your gold will significantly exceed the rest. And this rune will help us become just such a Fizz, but on condition that you collect all the honey fruits that will come across your way.

Summoner spells

As for the summoner spells, everything is extremely simple. Leap for an emergency retreat or attack and Ignition to combine with our passive and do good extra damage.

Assembling items

Assembling items

At the very beginning, I would recommend buying Boots , since in general we have enough damage of our own, and movement speed can play a good role at the initial stage. Well, then we will directly increase the strength of our skills.

To do this, perfectly suited Thunderstorm Lich and Mortal hat Rabadona . Considering Fizz's ability to farm quite well, we can acquire these artifacts pretty quickly, which will make our champion a very dangerous opponent.

Further, to reduce the recharge we buy more Boots enlightenment , which later will be improved in the enchantment of stasis , as the active subject will allow us to avoid dangerous attacks from rivals and will be an important component of the combo action in the later stages of the game.

Then a good acquisition will be the Orb of Infinity , which will allow us to increase the amount of health, which will be an extremely important factor at this point, and will also allow us to inflict even more damage by increasing the power of skills and the ability to magically pierce armor. In addition, we will inflict increased damage on targets whose health dropped below 35%. In the event that the opponents have, for example, a support with good healing, then it would be better to replace the sphere with Morellonomicon , which will reduce the healing of our target when attacking.

Further, in order to increase our armor and the survivability of the champion, we acquire an artifact called the Guardian Angel , which will allow us to avoid death in the event of critical damage.

In the last slot of our inventory, we acquire the Staff of the Abyss , which will significantly increase the damage done due to the excellent rate of increasing the power of skills and magic penetration.

General Tips

No matter how strong Fizz may seem to us at the beginning of the game, like any other champion, he is vulnerable and needs to buy the initial artifacts. Therefore, you should not fly into enemies unnecessarily, especially if such actions can end in death for you, which will always negatively affect the further course of events.

Throughout the game, you need to carefully monitor the map, which can also greatly affect the final outcome of the battle. If you saw, for example, that something or someone is threatening your forester, immediately drop everything and run to help him. It's the same with killing forest bosses and other objects. Be aware of everything that happens on the adjacent lanes, because Fizz has a very high gank potential and is able to quickly come to his allies to help. And also your focused attention on the map will allow you to avoid sudden attacks from their enemy forest, because you will at least roughly know in which part of the map the enemy forester is located, and predict his arrival on your line. And, of course, we must not forget about the wards, which must always be in your rollback.

Standing on the line, you need to be able to correctly assess the threat posed by your opponent. If it's a ranged champion, it's best to keep your distance, avoiding unnecessary risks. And thanks to the set of his skills, including the passive, Fizz will be able to continue to fill creeps freely, never giving in to his opponent. And then we just gain patience and wait for the right moment for a good attack.