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Fortnite: Deal Damage to Opponents in Vehicles - Cheat

 This is the easiest way to complete the legendary mission of Week 7. A little trick using an MTL will make you able to complete the challenge without any effort.

Fortnite: Deal Damage to Opponents in Vehicles - Cheat

There are times when the legendary challenges of Fortnite Battle Royale are more complicated than they should. Such has been the case with "Deal Damage Opponents in Vehicles", the legendary mission from Week 7 that has given people a lot of headaches. However, there is a trick for you to complete it in a single game . Yes, we are talking about doing the 2,500 points of damage to opponents in tow vehicles.

How to Deal 2,500 Damage to Vehicle Opponents in a Match

  • The trick is very simple and consists of playing the Masterful Navigator MTL , available at least today, Tuesday, 01/19.
  • In this mode, the thing is about an aerial combat between X-4 Stormwing , so you can already imagine where the shots go.
  • All you have to do is shoot at the opponent's planes , it doesn't matter if you do it as pilots of an airplane or as passengers using firearms.
  • Since everyone will be riding in a vehicle, almost all the damage you do will count towards the challenge.
  • It is entirely possible to do all five phases of the challenge in a single match , even without much effort, because there is infinite respawn , although planes will only respawn twice.
  • The mechanics of the MTL itself cause more damage to be done as the game progresses , so success in this challenge is basically guaranteed.
  • Of course, if for whatever reason you can't complete all five challenge phases in a single game, just jump back into the game in the next game and try again.