Fortnite: Find the black box of crashed plane - location

 In  Fortnite: Battle Royale  you should find the black box of a crashed plane. This is part of the challenges of week 9 in season 5. We'll show you where you can find the part you're looking for.

What kind of a job is that? In the 9th week of Season 5 - Chapter 2, new challenges are active again, which you need to upgrade the Season 5 Battle Pass .

So that you can complete the task quickly and collect the experience points for it, we will show you where the black box was found.

Where is it found? The crashed plane and thus the black box you should look for are on an island near Coral Castle.

Here you can see the location of the black box on the map of Season 5:

Fortnite: Find the black box of crashed plane - location

Find the black box

You have to look there: The crashed plane is in several pieces spread across the island. The black box should appear between the aircraft pieces. As a guide, you can see a larger bush just behind it.

How to complete the challenge: To complete the challenge, you need to interact with the black box once you have found it. Be careful though, because there are probably many players trying to solve the same task and some fights may occur.

In this YouTube video you can see exactly where the black box is on the island

Once you've found the box and interacted with it, the task should be done. This should give you experience points as a reward, which further increase your level.

This also gives you a boost for your Battle Pass so that you can quickly unlock the cool skins, cosmetics and V-Bucks from the pass. 

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