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Fortnite: find hidden bunker - localities on the map

 In Fortnite: Battle Royale you should find a hidden bunker. This is one of the tasks of the 8th week of season 5. We show you where the hidden bunkers are on the map.

What kind of a job is that? In the 9th week of Season 5 - Chapter 2, new challenges are active again, which you need to upgrade  the Season 5 Battle Pass  .

This week you are supposed to go to a hidden bunker. Since there are several of them on the map, we'll show you 3 locations so that you can find one quickly.

Locations of the bunkers on the map of season 5:

Fortnite: find hidden bunker - localities on the map

You can find the 3 hidden bunkers at:

  • Northeast of Stealthy Stronghold on a small island - the bunker is under the hut that stands on the island
  • East of Retail Row, on the edge of the map, in a bush
  • South of Holly Hedges in the sea

Find the hidden bunker

You have to do that: So that you can do the job, it's best to choose one of the locations and make your way there. You just have to walk near the bunker to complete the challenge and destroy the “hiding place” that protects the bunker.

At the bunker, which is in the sea, you swim there and look down with your character. You should then see the hidden bunker in the water. Just stand over it so the task is counted.

In this YouTube video you can see all 3 locations of the hidden bunkers in more detail

If you have visited and found the bunker, the challenge counts as fulfilled and you can devote yourself to the rest of the week's tasks. Completing the challenge rewards you with EP and also gives you a boost for your Battle Pass so that you can quickly unlock the cool skins, cosmetics and V-Bucks from the pass.