Fortnite: Predator is the secret skin of season 5 - this is how you unlock it

 The secret skin of Season 5 Chapter 2 in Fortnite: Battle Royale becomes the Predator. We'll show you which challenges and how you have to complete them to unlock the skin.

What kind of skin is that? So far it was not clear which outfit would be available for the secret skin, but after the update 15.20 the first clues appeared.

Secret challenges were revealed in the game and items related to the Predator could be seen as rewards. In addition, his ship landed on the Fortnite map, as Fortnite itself showed on Twitter:

Unlock Predator Skin - Here's how

In order to unlock the skin and play as a Predator, you first have to do a few weekly tasks. We'll show you how it works.

Since only 3 challenges per week will be unlocked, we will update the guide for you as soon as the next tasks are available. Some challenges are self-explanatory, but we will explain the difficult challenges in more detail for you.

These are the challenges that are already known:

  • Collect medicits (3)
  • Find the mysterious capsule
  • Talk to Beefboss, Recovery, and Dummy 

Jungle Hunter Quests Week 1

Find the mysterious capsule: One of the first tasks is to find the capsule that landed on the island. For that you have to make your way to Stealthy Stronghold. There is the mysterious capsule in the middle of the jungle.

Jungle Hunter Quests Week 1

Talk to Beefboss, Recovery and Dummy: In another task of the first week you should talk to 3 different NPCs. This task might cost you a couple of tries as they don't always spawn in the same location.

But if you're lucky, you'll meet all three of them near Steahlthy Stronghold. It's best to stop by as soon as you've visited the mysterious capsule. You should find Beef boss, Recovery, and Dummy in these places:

Jungle Hunter Quests Week 1 MAP

Have you completed these 3 challenges, there are a few Predator items such as sprays and emoticons for you. Then you have to wait a few days again until the next challenges are revealed.

The Predator skin will probably be the last reward at the end. So if only 3 tasks become available each week, it can still take about 2 weeks before you can unlock the secret outfit.

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