Fortnite: send signal to coral buddies - how it works

 In Fortnite: Battle Royale you should send the coral buddies a signal. This is one of the challenges from week 6 of season 5, chapter 2. So that you can complete this weekly challenge, we'll show you how it works.

What kind of job is that? The dancing corals that have accompanied us through a few seasons in Fortnite seem to be returning now.

In Season 3 Chapter 2 we still had to help the corals to build a village , now the task is: "Send the coral buddies a signal." For this you will be sent to a specific location on the map of Season 5 .

Location on the map:

Fortnite: send signal to coral buddies - how it works

Send coral buddies a signal - here's how

Where is the find in Coral Castle? Have you landed at Coral Castle, you have to go to a very specific building that is located north. The building looks more like a transition bridge.

There you will find seashells to interact with. They are in a "window" and are placed next to each other. So be careful when exploring the place.

How can you send the signal? To send the signal, you have to interact with the shells. As soon as you "press" one of them, a noise should be heard. The noises are slightly different for each mussel you squeeze.

It is not yet clear whether you will interact with all 6 mussels or whether you only have to press one of them. It is also not yet known whether you have to play a particular melody in order to send the signal. As soon as there is more information about this, MeinMMO will adapt the guide for you.

If you'd rather see the exact location of the mussels on video, you can do so here:

If you have successfully completed the task and sent the signal to the coral buddies, you will be rewarded with experience points. These are especially important if you want to upgrade your Season 5 Battle Pass. There are some cool skins, cosmetics and emotes that you can unlock.

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