Fortnite: So you get the cool, rare skins from Season 5

 The Season 5 Battle Pass in  Fortnite  is full of cool Bounty Hunter skins. But it doesn't just stop at these skins, because you can unlock different style variants for some of them. We'll show you how to get it.

What kind of skins are these?  In  the Season 5 Battle Pass  there are a total of 7 bounty hunters that you can unlock, plus the Predator as a "secret skin" . But if you want to make your skins more individual, you can equip them with a special effect. These include the variants: Saphir, Topaz and Zero-Point.

The whole thing works similarly to the foil skins that you could unlock in Season 4 - Chapter 2 for the Marvel superheroes.

Unlock style variants for skins - Here's how

What do you have to do? These style variants are rare variants that only unlock players who have reached a high level in the current season.

Style variant - sapphire

The first style variant gives your skin a bright, blue look that affects the whole body. These skins look a bit like the ice skins you see in the game every now and then. They are unlocked at these levels:

  • Sapphire variant for  Reese: Level 110
  • Sapphire variant for  Mancake: Level 120
  • Sapphire variant for  Mave: Level 130
  • Sapphire variant for  condor: level 140
  • Sapphire variant for Menace: Level 150
Fortnite: So you get the cool, rare skins from Season 5

Style variant - Topaz

The next skins that can be unlocked are reminiscent of the golden variants that have now been seen in almost every season. Here, however, the color seems to shine more and stand out. They are unlocked at these levels:

  • Topaz variant for  Reese: Level 160
  • Topaz variant for  Mancake: Level 170
  • Topaz variant for  Mave: Level 180
  • Topaz variant for  condor: level 190
  • Topaz variant for Menace: Level 200
Fortnite: So you get the cool, rare skins from Season 5

Style variant - zero point

For the players who reach a very high level, there are a few style variants with the look of the zero point. This is now back on the map of Season 5 and seems to have an effect on the Battle Pass skins. They are unlocked at these levels:

  • Zero-point variant for  Reese: Level 205
  • Zero-point variant for  Mancake: Level 210
  • Zero-point variant for  Mave: Level 215
  • Zero-point variant for  condor: level 220
  • Zero-point variant for Menace: Level 225
Fortnite: So you get the cool, rare skins from Season 5

In total, you can unlock 3 style variants for 5 skins each from the Battle Pass. The skins are not entirely new, but the new look makes them look different. When you come across an outfit like that in the game, you know there's a high level player behind it.

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