Genshin Impact: The best Ganyu builds you can currently play

Genshin Impact: The best Ganyu builds you can currently play

 Qixing's secretary, Ganyu, joined Genshin Impact as a new 5-star character in mid-January . OkayGotcha introduces you to the best build you can currently play. We show some alternatives for this.

This is Ganyu: Ganyu is the secretary of the Qixing and is a follower of the geo-god Rex Lapis. She made a contract with him and has served her God for many thousands of years.

The 5-star character fights with a bow and relies on the element cryo (ice). In our tier list from Genshin Impact you can find Ganyu in the A tier.

How did our guide come about? For this guide we looked at several important Genshin Impact sites like . We also looked at various guides on YouTube and tried out the character Ganyu ourselves in the game on the test field.

With these builds, Ganyu gets really strong

Above all, her burst and area damage can be increased and in combination with other elements such as pyro (fire) or electric she has no problem with eliminating large groups of enemies.

In our guide we introduce you to the resources you need if you want to level up Ganyu .

You must know that about Ganyu

Ganyu's bow works a little differently than the other archers in the game. While characters like Amber or Fischl deal high elemental damage with a charged shot, Ganyu's shots work differently. A fully charged cryogenic shot of her inflicts area cryogenic damage.

This is Ganyu's special ability: The fighting talent "Traces of the Qilin" conjures up an ice lotus and attracts the attacks of the opponents with mockery. So it is above all a support ability and comparable to Amber's fighting talent "explosive doll". When the time expires, the ice lotus explodes, causing area cryo damage to enemies.

This is Ganyu's ultimate ability: Ganyu's Ulti is “Taming Precipitation.” With it you let icicles fall on the enemy in a certain area and cause high cryo-damage.

Ganyu's talents: In general, it makes sense to develop the characters' talents and constellations as much as possible.

In interaction with other characters, you should above all improve "Heavenly Shooting" and their special ability "Traces of Qilin" as much as possible. If you want to raise a talent to level 10, you need a crown of wisdom , which you get through events.

Ganyu's constellation: In Ganyu's constellation , the 1st level is important, because here the opponent's cryo-resistance is reduced by 15% for 6 seconds with every violent hit of the bow. In addition, Ganyu produces 2 points of elemental energy with each hit. This also benefits other, equipped characters, who can then use their skills again more quickly.

For those who want to get the greatest possible potential from Ganyu, the 6th stage of the constellation, "Forbearance", is also important. Because after using the ice lotus you don't have to charge your weapon for the next heavy hit. With this you can attack much faster.

The right weapon for Ganyu

She fights with this weapon: Ganyu fights with a bow. We present you the currently best weapon for the character, but also an alternative that even Free2Play players can easily reach. The presented weapons are on refinement level 1. This means that the bonuses of the weapon can increase if you refine the weapon further.

The best weapon for Ganyu: The best weapon for Ganyu is the legendary weapon "Amos' Bow." This weapon increases the damage of your normal and charged attacks by 18%. In addition, the weapon increases the damage of your arrows the longer they are on the way to the enemy. The weapon’s attribute is attack.

The best Free2Play alternative: The best alternative for players who do not want to spend money is "The Sinewless." This weapon increases the damage of elemental and special abilities by 24%. In doing so, you not only strengthen their violent attacks, but also their ice lotus.

Another alternative for Free2Play players: The moonlight prototype increases the attack and also has attack as an attribute. As a specialty

  • increases the weapon when hit by weak spots with heavy hits for 10 seconds your attack by 36%.
  • In addition, your movement speed increases by 10% for 10 seconds.

The advantage: You can produce the moonlight prototype at the blacksmith Wagner in Mondstadt. In addition to an "Unworked Arch of the North", you need 50 pieces of white iron and 50 pieces of crystal.

Ganyu's passive talent "Hidden Bow" is also helpful here: If you forge a bow with it, you will get back 15% of the ore you used. If you haven't already made the weapon, be sure to use Ganyu to make it.

The right artifacts for Ganyu

At Ganyu you have four options when selecting artifacts:

  • You bet on cryodamage
  • Increases the character's burst and area damage and abilities
  • Alternatively, you bet on an increased rate for critical hits. Critical hits are also the attribute that Ganyu grows the most when leveling up.
  • You can also rely on a pure damage set

A set is suitable for every style of play, which you should use to reinforce the corresponding attribute. These sets are available:

Winter taming warrior: This set relies fully on cryo damage. The set has been added with Update 1.2. You can currently only get it in the dungeon "Vindagnyr's Summit". You have to unlock this with a quest series. But the bonuses are worth it:

  • Set of 2 bonus: Increases cryo damage by 15%.
  • Set of 4 bonus: Increases the critical hit when attacking enemies affected by cryogenic effects by 20%. Increases the critical hit on enemies affected by Frozen by an additional 20%.

Old court ritual: You already get a few set parts when you increase your adventure rank. As a reward you get legendary parts from the set. Alternatively, you can get the set from the dungeon "Clear water and rocky heights." This is located in the very north-west of Liyue.

  • Set of 2 Bonus: Increases damage done with special abilities by 20%.
  • Set of 4 bonus: Increases the attack of all troop members after using special abilities by 20% for 12 seconds. This effect cannot be stacked.

Berserker: The berserker set is basically the easiest to get. The disadvantage, however, is that there is no dungeon where this can be farmed specifically. Instead, all larger opponents have a certain probability of dropping this set. That makes it a little harder if you are interested in certain bonuses or attributes.

  • Set of 2 bonus: Increases critical hits by 12%
  • Set of 4 bonus: Increases critical hits with less than 70% health by an additional 24%.

The best set combination: The best combination for high damage is the combination of two parts of the set "Winter taming warrior" and "Bow of the gladiator":

  • Set of 2 bonus (taming warrior): Increases the damage done with special abilities by 20%.
  • Set of 2 Bonus (Gladiator) : Increases attack by 18%.

You can temporarily replace the gladiator set with the Wanderlust set. As a set of 2 bonus, this also offers 18% more damage.

Note, however, that the Wanderlust set is not available at the highest, legendary level (orange). Legendary items can be upgraded even higher than epic (purple) artifacts. We therefore recommend the gladiator set.

You should pay attention to this with the artifacts: While the flower always offers life points and the feather always offers attack, the attributes of the other items change. Important attributes of the artifacts to look out for are:

  • Chalice: Cryogenic Damage Bonus
  • Headband: Critical damage or attack (in%).
  • Hourglass: Attack or Critical Damage

This is how you play Ganyu properly

Where can you see Ganyu in action? The YouTuber Zy0x (currently 142,000 views, as of January 14, 2021) has presented a strong Ganyu build in the (English) video. Here you can also see again how strong Ganyu can be played with the right set.

From 13:10 you can see how much damage Ganyu deals in the twisting abyss.

These characters harmonize particularly well with Ganyu: Especially certain characters are worthwhile if you want Ganyu on the team. Electro and fire cause strong elemental reactions with Kyro:

  • The 5-star character Klee benefits from the elemental reaction "Melting." This is particularly powerful with Ganyu's fighting talent "Traces of the Qilin", as Klee can cause a lot of damage in a small radius in this way. Free2Play alternatives would be Xiangling, which can also cause high area damage, or Benet.
  • Razor and Fischl also benefit from Ganyu. The elemental reaction "overloading" increases the damage.

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