Genshin Impact: Everything you need to know about the new 5-star character Ganyu

 The 5-star character Ganyu in Genshin Impact receives its own introduction trailer. The developer miHoYo also publishes official information on Ganyu's abilities.

This is Ganyu: Even if she doesn't look like that, the Qixing secretary is over 3,000 years old. The reason for their longevity is the blood of a qilin, a divine beast, that flows through their veins.

Ganyu is an ardent follower of the geo-god Rex Lapis and signed a contract with him thousands of years ago, which she still faithfully fulfills every day, because he also serves the benefit of the residents of Liyue.

The one specialty of Ganyu's character is above all her zeal. She firmly believes that Liyue's prosperity depends on everyone doing their part. She therefore wants to work hard to prove herself worthy of her position.

That's why Ganyu's biggest hobby is actually her work and she likes to work some overtime here and there when there is still something to do.

You can watch the English character trailer for Ganyu here:

Ganyu can do that: The developer miHoYo officially published Ganyu's capabilities in a blog post.

  • Element: Cryo
  • Weapon : bow
  • Constellation : Sinae Unicornis
  • Materials for the ascent: Shivada jade, Fluxeiskern, Qingxin flowers as well as Vaniloqua nectar, Luminous nectar and elementary nectar from Valinoquar

The standard attack is called "Heavenly Archery" and performs 6 arrows in a row. The violent blow charges the arrowhead with cryo-energy and causes different effects depending on the charging time:

  • Phase 1: The arrow inflicts cryogenic damage.
  • Phase 2: The arrow carries a frost blossom, which blooms after a hit and inflicts cryo-area damage.

The banner artwork by Ganyu

The “Traces of the Qilin” ability leaves an ice lotus on the battlefield, which inflicts area-of-cry damage to enemies and can freeze them. It also attracts the attention of opponents and their attacks.

The lotus flower's HP depends on Ganyu's maximum HP. If it is destroyed or the duration expires, the ice lotus explodes, causing area damage.

With "Taming Precipitation", Ganyu conjures up an ice soul pearl and lets icicles rain down on her opponents from the sky, causing cryo-damage. You can watch a showcase video of her how her gameplay looks in the game:

When is the Ganyu banner coming? MiHoyo has not yet announced an exact release date for the Ganyu banner. But there are estimates:

  • Leaks say the new character will be available from January 12th.
  • Some fans appreciate the release window a little later on January 15th.

After the current banner for the character Albedo disappears on January 12th according to the patch notes, we can expect Ganyu to be around the same time.

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